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Latino Daily News

Monday June 27, 2011

3,000 Chilean Students Go Thriller for Education (VIDEO)

3,000 Chilean Students Go Thriller for Education (VIDEO)

Photo: Chilean Students Dance Thriller In Front of La Moneda

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Dancing in front of Chile’s “La Moneda” students demand changes in the national Education System.

Some 3,000 students dressed like zombies took over the “Constitution Plaza” right in front of Chile’s presidential palace “La Moneda” to perform the emblematic choreography for Michael Jackson’s thriller, as a protest for the betterment of the Education System.

The objective of the youths is to demonstrate they are organized, and united for a greater cause. Felipe Villaseca a public management student in the “U” said he was “in my house watching Michael Jackson’s videos on YouTube, when thought of writing as my status on Facebook: Massive Thriller for Chilean Education. Who is With Me?  2 minutes later I was overflowing with supporting comments”

Villaseca’s idea resonated with several thousand students who believe a zombie march is an appropriate metaphor for the current state of Chilean education, which they perceive as “dead” and “rotten.”