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Latino Daily News

Wednesday October 6, 2010

’30 Ways in 30 Days’ Worldwide Environmental Initiative Launches in Mexico City

In the run up to next month’s major climate change conference in Cancun, the United Nations (UN) will release one case study daily for 30 days to prove that solutions to combat global warming – ranging from planting trees to creating mass markets for solar water heaters- do indeed exist and are relatively easy to do.

Known as “30 Ways in 30 Days,” the scheme was launched this week in Mexico City at a summit co-hosted by the UN and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

Such programs deliver a variety of benefits such as public health improvements, reduced environmental impacts, and speeding up the shift to low-carbon, green growth.

The Nobel Peace Prize-winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has found that to stave off the worst effects of climate change, industrialized countries must slash emissions by 25 to 40 per cent from 1990 levels by 2020, and that global emissions must be halved by 2050.

The top UN climate change official called on nations to accelerate efforts to find common ground to reach a concrete outcome in Cancun.

The critical climate change conference will start in Cancun on November 29th and more than 170 countries are expected to be represented.