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Latino Daily News

Sunday December 25, 2011

3 Million of Mexico’s Senior Citizen’s Without Pensions Will Get Aid in 2012

3 Million of Mexico’s Senior Citizen’s Without Pensions Will Get Aid in 2012

Photo: Mexican Senior Citizens to Get Aid

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The 70 and Over Program will be extended to marginalized urban zones in 2012 in order to provide monetary support for senior citizens living in poverty declared Secretary of Social Development (SEDESEOL) Heriberto Félix.

Heriberto Félix stated that by the end of President Felipe Calderón’s administration, the expansion of the program’s coverage to urban zones will make it possible to attend to over 3,382,514 senior citizens over the age of 70 living in Mexico who do not have pensions.

Expansion of the program’s coverage, operation and attention to provide bi-monthly payments of one thousand pesos to adults over 70 throughout the country will make it possible to attend to this sector of the population in 105,047 localities throughout the country next year.

The Social Development Secretary stated that the 70 and Over Program has been consolidated and is one of the social programs with the greatest impact, reducing the vulnerability of the elderly by increasing their income and providing social security.

By the end of the November-December this year, the Active Beneficiaries Register listed 2,149,024 senior citizens, attended to in over 76,000 localities in the country’s 32 states.

Heriberto Félix declared that in many cases, the financial support provided by the Program constitutes the main household income even for other family members, in addition to having a significant impact for the elderly, since it rewards their lifelong efforts.

In addition to the financial assistance received by senior citizens over 70, trained counselors provide them with information on services as well as human rights, health care, self-esteem and become reincorporated into family and community activities.


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