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Latino Daily News

Friday July 11, 2014

3 Beached Whales Discovered on Puerto Rican Beach

3 Beached Whales Discovered on Puerto Rican Beach

Photo: Beached pilot whale

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Three pilot whales that beached themselves on Puerto Rico’s southeastern coast are dead, the U.S. commonwealth’s Department of Natural and Environmental Resources said.

Two of the three whales died Wednesday, not long after the trio came ashore on Playa Sucia beach.

Biologists’ attempt to return the surviving whale to sea were unsuccessful, the department said.

“We believe that one of the whales might have arrived ill and the other two stopped with her,” Natural Resources Secretary Carmen Guerrero said. “The autopsy might help reveal the causes.”

Personnel from her department were combing the coastline in the vicinity of Playa Sucia in search of other beached whales.


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