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Wednesday April 17, 2013

260-Pound Teen’s Appearance on Rachael Ray Show Leads to Lawsuit

260-Pound Teen’s Appearance on Rachael Ray Show Leads to Lawsuit

Photo: Rachael Ray Show: Christina Pagliarolo

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Clearly teen Christina Pagliarolo did not think Rachel Ray was as much sunshine and honey as many of her fans do.  The reportedly 260-pound teen was a guest on the “Rachael Ray Show” during a segment on obese teens in 2011.

As a result of Pagliarolo’s stint on the show she has sued the show and CBS for “negligence and intentional infliction of emotional distress,” according to TMZ.  Apparently the teen was made to exercise in an aggressive manner whereby she was verbally assaulted by the trainer and fell off a StairMaster resulting in physical injury.

The then 18-year-old wanted to lose 70-pounds for her high school prom with progress of her weight loss tracked for a follow-up segment on the show.  Eric Viskovica, the trainer hired by the “Rachael Ray Show”,  is alleged to have screamed at Pagliarolo, made the teen hike in mountains, and “cranking up the speed” of a StairMaster resulting in her injuries when she toppled off.

The teen was apparently happy in the follow-up segment and with the complimentary makeover and limo – what happened two-years later to prompt the lawsuit is unknown. 

Ray has not commented on the lawsuit and executives from her show say they have not seen the lawsuit. 

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