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Latino Daily News

Sunday October 9, 2011

25th Anniversary of Microsoft in Mexico Celebrated with $690 Million Investment Plan by Company

This week Mexico President Felipe Calderon attended a luncheon to mark the 25th Anniversary of Microsoft in Mexico. 

After congratulating the firm for revolutionizing the technological world, the president admitted that both the opening of Microsoft’s Technology Center, which will train approximately 2,300 software developers, and its investment plan for nearly $690 million USD will contribute to Mexico’s economic growth.

The president declared that Microsoft and federal government have complemented efforts to boost technological development and make Mexico a more efficient country. In education, for example, programs such as Dreamspark and the creation of nearly 100 new institutes of higher education have enabled the over 100,000 engineers and technicians that graduate annually to be in contact with state of the art technology. The creation of the National Network to Boost Broadband increased Internet penetration from 1.8 users per 100 inhabitants in 2005 to 10.5 in 2010.

The fiber optic network installed by the Federal Electricity Commission has been successfully connected to 7 Mexican states. As for investment in technology, the support for entrepreneurs in the information technology industry has been provided through the Program for the Development of the Information Technology Service Sector, triggering investment for nearly 10 billion pesos.

The president ended by saying that the elimination of certain procedures for setting up business has been achieved through the Electronic System for Government Hiring, which is a clear sign that technology can help to “construct a more transparent, effective government that is closer to citizens.”