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Latino Daily News

Tuesday August 2, 2011

21 out of 32 State General Attorney Prosecutors Quit in Mexico

21 out of 32 State General Attorney Prosecutors Quit in Mexico

Photo: Mexico's Attorney General MArisela Morales.

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The top officials of the Attorney General Offices in 21 out of the 33 states in Mexico have quit en masse!

Attorney General officials will not disclose the reason why so many senior federal prosecutors have all quit voluntarily, all on the same date, but unconfirmed sources speculate that the Attorney General was investigating at least 20 delegate for suspected irregularities in the management of routine “trust” tests (anti-doping, polygraph, etc.)

The mass resignations come in the midst of a growing flush out of the agency, promoted by Attorney General Marisela Morales; it remains unclear whether the 21 delegates were ousted of their posts, or quit in rebellion over Morales and her administration.

“The purge is necesarry within the [attorney general’s office] to give citizens the results they legitimately demand,” Morales said in a statement. “The Mexico of today requires that those of us in public office act with total dedication and responsibility.”