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Monday February 14, 2011

2011 Grammy Awards Not All Good for Latinos from Aguilera’s Fall to Esperanza Spalding Hack Attack

2011 Grammy Awards Not All Good for Latinos from Aguilera’s Fall to Esperanza Spalding Hack  Attack

Photo: Latino 2011 Grammy Award Winners

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Adding up another Christina Aguilera goof up to anonymous Internet bullying to the non-airing of the Grammy Award winners for Latin music, we are unsure whether we should laugh out loud or boo and be blue. 

So let’s start from the top. Christina Aguilera. Poor girl is going through a rough, rough patch here, and doesn’t seem to be able to catch a break from making headlines that must have her PR people working 24/7. She just finalized a messy divorce, a week after re-arranging the national anthem at the Super Bowl. Last night, just as she had finished a spectacular performance, Aguilera tripped and was able to catch herself before taking a plunge onto the stage. Today, there are more videos available on YouTube of her little tumble, than there are of her redeeming performance, and the comments on some of those videos are just plain evil and ruthless.

Laugh at her, or Leave her alone?  Vote in the comment section.

Then we have the Wikipedia page of the Best New Artist Award winner, Esperanza Spalding, getting hacked by Beiber fans no less. 

It has been fixed since, and anonymous editors are no longer able to make changes to the page detailing her Cuban, Brazilian, Native American and African American roots, her discovery of the stand up bass, her impressive schooling and even more impressive accomplishments, reason why she deservedly took home the petite golden gramophone. 

ImageBut barely minutes after the young Spalding became the first Jazz artist to ever win the Best New Artist award, fans of Justin Bieber, surprisingly nominated for the same category hacked her Wikipedia page, writing “BIBER 4 LYFE” at the top; Non-bieber fans re-edited the page within minutes, poking fun at Bieber, and the virtual war went on for quite a while, until Wikipedia brought out the proverbial water hose, and put an end to it.

Bieber fans are known for their digital bullying of non-Bieber fans in social networks and YouTube videos, and for flaunting deplorable grammar, a trait common among the age group, sadly. 

Again, a matter dangling on the fine line between laughable and upsetting. Kids say the darndest things, after all, and Justin Bieber fans/foes are no exception, but it is terribly upsetting that Justin Bieber is still nominated as a “new artist,” when much to our dismay he’s been around since he was a squirt, back a couple of years ago. Opinions welcome in the comment section, if you have a valid driver’s license.

And in case you missed it, here is a list of the Latino award winners for this year’s Grammys - these awards somehow never seem to make it to prime time airing: 

Best Latin Pop Album
Alejandro Sanz – Paraíso Express

Best Latin Rock, Alternative, or Urban Album
Grupo Fantasma – El Existential

Best Tropical Latin Album
Spanish Harlem Orchestra – Viva La Tradición

Best Tejano Album
Little Joe & La Familia – Recuerdos

Best Norteño Album
Intocable – Classic

Best Banda Album
El Güero y Su Banda Centenario – Enamórate De Mí