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Latino Daily News

Thursday October 21, 2010

2010 Latina Shoppers Study

A study conducted amongst 1,200 Latina shoppers has concluded what all ‘wise Latinas’ know they are the decision makers and influencers in their households.  The economic value of this decision making power equals $1.4 trillion through 2013 for the U.S economy.

The Latina Shopper Study was conducted thanks to the support and sponsorship of various top marketers, including Pepsico, Sara Lee and VISA.

The 2010 study identified four segments that were differentiated in terms of their attitudes, values, demographics, and shopping behavior.

1. “Las Digitalistas” (31%):  The largest percentage of Latina shoppers are online shoppers.  They also use the internet to help organize them and use it as a valuable reference resource.  This shopping segment tends to be bilingual. 

2. “Las Exploradoras” (27%): These Latinas love to shop period and love the entire experience from the browsing to interacting with their purchases. They are willing to try new products, tend to visit a variety of stores, are Spanish dominant yet shop in American retailers as well as Hispanic retailers.

3. “Las Pragmáticas” (23%):  These are the practical Latinas who shop only for what they need and are looking for the best value for their hard earned money. 

4. “Las Fre$itas” (20%):  These up and coming Latinas are young and affluent and love to impulse shop.  They tend to shop only at American stores and tend to be bilingual. 


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