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Latino Daily News

Friday January 14, 2011

20,000+ Mob Greets Brazilian Soccer Star Ronaldinho Back in Rio de Janeiro (VIDEO)

Ronaldinho, the Brazilian two time world player of the year, has returned to his homeland Brazil, as he signed a four year contract with the Flamingo soccer club, after a disappointing stint with the AC Milán.

Some 20,000 fans greeted the soccer star in Rio de Janeiro with such effervescent fervor, that brought tears to the eyes of the player.  At one point they took down security barriers to meet the futbol star. 

“I didn’t expect such a big party. I’m proud to have got such a reception” Ronaldinho said.

At a press conference after the welcome, Ronaldinho vowed to earn a spot back into the Brazilian national team, after being overlooked from last year’s world Cup.

“I want to take the name of Flamengo as high as possible, winning as many titles as possible and repaying the love of the fans, I want to give them happiness.”