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Latino Daily News

Thursday October 20, 2011

2,000+ Sharks Massacred by Costa Rican Boats in Colombian Sanctuary

2,000+ Sharks Massacred by Costa Rican Boats in Colombian Sanctuary

Photo: Hammerhead Shark

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The illegal shark massacre was reported to authorities by Russian divers visiting Malpelo, a Colombian ocean sanctuary.

Russian divers on a visit to the Colombian marine sanctuary of Malpelo, a UNESCO World Heritage site, about 300 miles off Colombia found a gruesome scene on the ocean floor.

The immense concentration of 2000 + sharks laying on the ground of the warm Colombian waters was appalling. The sharks had been slaughtered and their fin-less bodies tossed back into the ocean.

Reports indicate that ten Costa Rican vessels laid miles of nets on the ocean floor, and chopped the fins off of everything they caught. The Colombian army had two vessels in charge of watching the area, but they were being repaired , a situation the Costa Ricans took advantage of.

Costa Rica’s Foreign Ministry said that it “energetically condemns” the reported finning and that Costa Rican-flagged ships would be prosecuted if they were involved.

Shark fins are a delicacy in China, where they are used to make soup and many say they have medical properties. A pound of shark fins sells for approximately 40-90 dollars.