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Latino Daily News

Monday January 17, 2011

200 Dead Cows In Wisconsin, 7000 in Vietnam, Mass Animal Die-Offs Continuing.  Why?

A Stockton, Wisconsin farmer was shocked to find 200 of his cows dead in his field over the weekend when they were reportedly fine days before.  The farmer believes a virus might have killed the cattle but the incident is under investigation.

Also making news are 7000 dead buffalo and cows from Vietnam many are attributing the deaths to the cold.  However, the Cao Bang province reported 700 deaths in one day a couple of days ago.  The Vietnamese government is urging farmers to protect their livestock – no further investigation is expected. 

The cow deaths are the latest in mass animal deaths in the country and across the globe, starting with thousands of black birds falling from the sky in Arkansas to welcome in the New Year.