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Latino Daily News

Monday January 24, 2011

2 Self-Goals in 6 Minutes, The Beginning of the End for Cabofriense (VIDEO)

Watch the video below and watch the awful day the Brazilian Cabofriense team had. The team in white, is the Cabofriense. They are playing the Botafogo, who will win 5-0, and the objective, as always in soccer, is to kick, head-butt or basically push the ball with any body part except the arms and hands, into the opposite team’s goal. Something Goeber from Cabofriense must of forgotten.

Halfway through the first period of the game, Goeber, from Cabofriense head-butts the goal and scores… but on his own goal!

It’s a mistake, and it can happen to anyone, and the match goes on.

Not six minutes later, it happens again, the blue team kicks it close to the goal, and Goeber finishes the job by scoring another self-goal to benefit the other team.

The unusual streak of bad luck ended at halftime for Goeber (the coach pulled him out of the game, to prevent his generous goal spree to spread any further) but not for the Cabofriense, who had to see their goal invaded by the ball three more times.  They didn’t manage to score anything not even one goal to save face after this embarrassing game.