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Latino Daily News

Tuesday February 15, 2011

$2 Million Narco Sub Found in Colombian Jungle, Ready to Transport 8 Tons of Cocaine (VIDEO)

When money is no object and stealth is the object, then building a $2 million submarine doesn’t seem out of the question.  And that is exactly what some Colombian drug lords have done.

The military just seized a 100-foot long submarine, estimated to have cost $2 million to build, in southwestern Colombia by the rural jungle area of Timbiqui.

The home-made vessel was capable of carrying eight tons of cocaine under water and needs a crew of four to run it.  With its two engines and very sophisticated sonar it could travel quietly 30 feet below sea level for a trip under the Pacific Ocean to Mexico.

The vessel is being considered the most sophisticated of any other vessel seized.  No one was captured when the discovery was made.