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Latino Daily News

Saturday January 25, 2014

2 Men Convicted of Felisburgo Massacre in Brazil

2 Men Convicted of Felisburgo Massacre in Brazil

Photo: Felisburgo Massacre

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A Brazilian court on Friday convicted two men for the murders of five squatters in a 2004 incident known as the Felisburgo Massacre.

Judge Glauco Soares Fernandes imposed 102-year sentences on Francisco de Assis Rodrigues de Oliveira and Milton Francisco de Souza, the Minas Gerais state court said in a statement.

The two gunmen were found guilty on five counts of homicide and 12 counts of attempted homicide in connection with the 2004 attack on an encampment set up by members of the MST Landless Movement on part of the Nova Alegria estate in Felisburgo, Minas Gerais.

In October, Judge Fernandes sentenced land baron Adriano Chafik to 105 years as the intellectual author of the killings.

Hundreds of MST members occupied a portion of the Nova Alegria property in expectation that the government’s agrarian reform program would grant them title to the land, which Chafik claimed was his.

The attack on the encampment came after a judge dismissed a motion from Chafik seeking to have the MST activists evicted.


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