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Latino Daily News

Wednesday December 22, 2010

15 Dominicans Trying to Enter Puerto Rico Illegally Lost at Sea

Once again, off the north shore of the Dominican Republic, a group of people trying to reach Puerto Rico illegally in a small wooden boat suffered disaster.

At least five of them are known to have drowned and 10 are said to be missing. The local Hoy newspaper reports that the accident happened off the coast of Cabrera, in the northeast of the Dominican Republic. Weather reports had warned of high surf and dangerous conditions for sea travel on small boats, especially off eastern coasts.

Rescue groups and the Dominican Navy have rescued five bodies so far. Minerva Santos, the regional director for the Civil Defense Corps told reporters that one of the bodies was that of a woman and the other was said to be a former captain in the National Police. The boat is reported to have left the town of Rio San Juan in the early hours of Tuesday.

No one has been identified thus far.