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Latino Daily News

Friday December 3, 2010

14-Year Old Mexican Assassin Captured While Fleeing to U.S.

The Mexican government is announcing the capture of a 14-year old unidentified assassin that is alleged to have murdered four victims via decapitation while working for a drug cartel.  Other reports set the killers age at 12.

The 14-year who is only known by his cartel nick name, “El Ponchis” “The Cloaked One” was enroute with his 16 year old sister to the U.S. via an international flight.  His only response to his heinous crimes was “They Made Me Do It.”

El Ponchis’ crimes have been captured on video showing him torturing and executing his enemies, affiliated with rival drug cartels.  He is believed to work for the South Pacific Cartel which operates in Morelios, Mexico.  Reports reflect that this cartel favors recruiting members between the ages of 12 and 23 and on average they kill 50 people a day.