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Latino Daily News

Monday December 6, 2010

14-year Mexican Assassin is Actually American; To be Tried as Juvenile

‘El Ponchis’ the 14-year old alleged drug cartel hit man will be tried as a juvenile according to Mexican officials.  Yesterday a judge in Morelos, where ‘El Ponchis’ is being held ruled that the boy will be tried under the state’s juvenile laws – this means he faces a maximum of only three years in prison.

The minor, whose has been tentatively identified as Edgar Jimenez, has been tied to several beheading murders under orders from the South Pacific cartel.  It is expected that the YouTube videos, showing the young man torturing and killing his victims, will be presented into evidence at his trial.

Mexican officials have also disclosed that the boy is an American citizen born in San Diego, California.  The U.S. has not confirmed this latest finding.  Other reports have the boy growing up homeless in the streets of Cuernavaca from the age of 4.