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Latino Daily News

Saturday January 8, 2011

NARCO BLOG: 14 Decapitated Bodies Found in Acapulco Mexico

NARCO BLOG: 14 Decapitated Bodies Found in Acapulco Mexico

Photo: Deaths in Acapulco

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Police found 15 bodies, all slain men on a street outside a shopping center in Acapulco today. All but one of the bodies had been decapitated. Police report handwritten signs were left on the bodies, a common sign left from drug cartels.

The victims appeared to be in their twenties. Police have a policy of not wanting to give the cartels any desired publicity and have not released the messages left with the bodies.

Reforma newspaper however reported that they referred to the Sinaloa cartel, headed by drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman.

Reforma said they apparently indicated the victims were killed by the Sinaloa cartel for trying to intrude on the gang’s turf and extort residents.

” This will happen to those who attempt to enter the plaza. Sincerely, The Heavy Cartel. Chapo Guzman . “

” Compliments to all citizens, and will not be charged fees. Sincerely El Chapo Guzman n “.

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