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Latino Daily News

Friday September 17, 2010

1.4 Million U.S. Hispanics Slipped into Poverty Last Year

There are one in seven Americans now officially poor according to the latest U.S. Census numbers which translates to a quarter of all U.S. Hispanics living in poverty, or 12.4 million Hispanics.

More individuals slipped below the poverty line last year for a total of 43.6 million Americans making less than $10,830 (U.S. poverty threshold) and families of four living on less than $22,050.  Among Hispanics 1.4 million more slipped into poverty last year however other Hispanics households were able to increase their average annual income now pegged at $38,029.

The statistics for U.S.Hispanic children was grimmer, with 33.1 percent of all Hispanic children in this country living below the poverty line.