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Latino Daily News

Wednesday May 28, 2014

12 Year Old Gives Birth in Argentina

12 Year Old Gives Birth in Argentina

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A 12-year-old Argentine girl has given birth and both she and her baby, which weighed 2.4 kilos (5 lbs., 5 oz.), are in good health, physicians at a hospital in the north-central city of Cordoba said Tuesday.

The mother of the young girl discovered that her daughter was expecting when she was already in her sixth month of pregnancy, and though at first she did not agree that she should have the baby, she afterwards gave the girl all her support.

“There is a grandmother who is very young but very committed to her daughter remaining in school,” Fernando Ulloque, the director of Cordoba’s Miseracordia Hospital where the youngster gave birth, said.

“It is usual for us to receive around 25 percent who are adolescent minors,” obstetrician Marta Veiga said, while adding that this case of a 12-year-old is definitely unusual.

The rate of teenage pregnancies in Argentina is around 15 percent of the total, according to the United Nations report on the State of World Population 2013.


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