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Latino Daily News

Saturday January 29, 2011

111 Confirmed Cases of Cholera in Venezuela all from Lobster Served at Wedding in Dominican Republic

The Venezuelan government is reporting 111 confirmed cases of cholera and over 300 more potential victims infected without knowing it.  All the people with cholera and those suspected of having cholera have one thing in common:  they all attended or are related to someone that attended a wedding in the Dominican Republic last weekend and eating lobster at the wedding.

Officials are going to the airwaves trying to locate anyone that was at the wedding or is related to someone who went, so that they can be tested and treated and therefore not spread the air born bacteria. 

The Venezuelan government also confirmed that there have been other cases of cholera confirmed in other country’s from other wedding guests, including one from Boston.

The Dominican Republic wedding guests were served lobster that was caught in the province of Pedernales, which borders Haiti.  The lobster was under cooked and not well refrigerated allowing the cholera bacteria to remain in it.

The majority of people with cholera are being treated as out patients, only 27 are hospitalized and no deaths have been confirmed.