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Latino Daily News

Friday November 12, 2010

100,000 fewer Hispanics in AZ

According to a new study by BBVA Bancomer Research, there may be as many as 100, 000 fewer Latinos in Arizona than there were before debate over the highly controversial immigration law began earlier this year.

Bancomer used information from the U.S. Current Population Survey to show that the decline could be due, in large part, to Arizona’s Senate Bill 1070 (SB1070) that went into (partial) effect in July, but the researchers say Arizona’s economic struggles could play a big role in the decline.

Released Wednesday, the study also points to Mexican government figures that state 23,380 Mexicans returned to Mexico from Arizona between June and September of 2010.

Census figures from 2008 revealed that about 30 percent of people (1.9 million) residing in Arizona were Latino.

Currently, the state is appealing a ruling that put holds on arts of the SB1070 that would allow police to question a person they suspect to be in the country illegally.