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Latino Daily News

Tuesday May 29, 2012

1,000 Year Old Tomb Found with 80 Individuals in Peru, Many of Them Infants

1,000 Year Old Tomb Found with 80 Individuals in Peru, Many of Them Infants

Photo: Ceramic Pot found Pachacamac Tomb

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The Pachacamac site in Peru has rendered another archealogical treasure with the discovery of a 1,000 year old tomb containing eighty individuals, many of them infants.

Pachacamac is located on the Pacific coast of the country and is consider of the world’s largest Prehispanic sites. 

The tomb was discovered by a team from Belgium, that has been digging in that region for close to 20 years.  The burial tomb is completely intact, oval in shape with a reed roof supported by carved tree trunks.  Peru this Week is reporting that “a dozen newborn babies and infants were distributed around the perimeter, their heads oriented towards the tomb.”

Some of the remains were either skeletons or mummified remains with their wrappings still on.  The bodies were accompanied by ceramics, animal skeletons, gold artifacts, ceramic vessels and painted masks.  Some anthropologists involved in the dig believe there is the possibility all the individuals were related.  Most appeared to have died from injuries or serious illness.

Professor Peter Eeckhout, leader of the expedition, believes the remains date back to 1000 AD.  This is yet another rich find in Pachacamac - in 2004 an ancient cemetery was found and before that Inca storage facilities were located, in total 17 pyramids have been found there.