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Latino Daily News

Monday August 30, 2010

10% of Mexican Police Fired in Corruption Probe

The Mexican government has made a major move in strengthening their forces in the war against the drug cartels. President Felipe Calderon has enlisted both the army and the federal police force in his efforts against the cartels. The federal police force has been accused of having many corrupt officers in their ranks that have ties to the drug lords.
Today the Federal Police announced that 3200 officers were fired for either failing to do their jobs or for having links to organized crime. In addition, 1000 more officers are facing disciplinary actions that may end with termination.

More than 4500 officers have been fired since May, many of them resulting in being charged with criminal activity.

It is hopeful that this purging of 10% of the force of 34,5000 will result in the Federal Police Force becoming a more effective weapon in the fight against the drug cartels.