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January 2014 Archives

Animal Traffickers Use Same Routes as Drug Smugglers

Cuba Has Lowest Infant Mortality Rate in Its History

Brazilian President Prepares for Second Term Elections in 2014

Blog del Narco: Brother of Former Governor Attacked by Gunmen

Evo Morales Says Bolivia Will Have Nuclear Power Soon

No Casualties Reported in Puerto Rico’s Celebratory Gunfire

Spanish Firms Threaten to Halt Work on Panama Canal Expansion

Pre-Columbian Skulls Found While Expanding Metro Line in Mexico

New Year’s Eve Shooting Wounds 12 in Brazil

Heat Wave Subsides in Argentina

Failed Robbery Ends in 3 Deaths in El Salvador

Police Officer Gunned Down in Southwestern Colombia

Forest Fire Shuts Down Chilean Highway

Buenos Aires Fireworks Leave Over 60 People Injured

Mexico’s Foreign Reserves Up $25 Million

Second Child to Die by Falling into Open Sewers In Colombia

New Species of Dinosaur Found in Spain’s La Rioja Region

Two Million Flock to Copacabana Beach for New Years Firework Show

120 Degree Heat Wave Attacks Northern Argentina

Warmer Weather Causing Mangroves to Expand in Florida