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December 2013 Archives

Member of Puerto Rico’s Calle 13 Wants to Give Up U.S. Citizenship

Christmas in Bethlehem Celebrated by Thousands

Heavy Rain in Brazil Leave 22 Dead

Paraguayans are Lining Up to Dine on Giant Catfish

Pope Francis Celebrates First Christmas With Call For Peace

Puerto Rico Teachers Considering Strike After Pension Overhaul

Enjoy Feliz Navidad by José Feliciano. ( VIDEO) 15 Million Views and Going Strong

Spanish Royal Family’s Christmas Message Emphasizes Unity

Colombia Notifies Bogota Mayor of Removal

Lottery Winner and His Brother Kidnapped in Brazil & Successfully Rescued

Court Official Assasinated in Guatemala

Cuban Woman Arrives in US to Donate Bone Marrow to Sister in Miami

Inventor of Lethal AK-47 Dies at 94 in Russia

Deportation Cases Due to Serious Crimes Continue to Decrease Less than 1 in 25 Recently

Blog del Narco: Gruesome Discovery in Suitcase Abandoned in MX City Metro

American Heiress Murdered in Honduras, Husband Key Suspect

12-year-old Girl Killed in Crossfire Between Cops and Gangs in Brazil Shantytown

REPORT: 44 Undocumented Cubans Enroute to U.S. Detained in Honduras

El Salvador Murder Rate Declines, Gang Truce Attributed to Less Violence

World’s Busiest Border Crossing Needs a $226 Billion Overhaul