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June 2013 Archives

Venezuela’s Latest Diet Fad, the Tongue Patch

AFI Docs Presents 5 Films Highlighting Immigration and Assimilation

POLL:  Support for Continuing Affirmative Action at Record Low

U.S. and Colombia: Holding First Meeting on Racial & Ethnic Equality

Primary through High School Education Now Mandatory in Mexico

LATINO BLOTTER: Texas Professor Killed by Stiletto-Wielding Girlfriend

Galapagos Fabled Giant Tortoise “Lonesome George” to Go On Display

Protester Arrests Mar 42nd Anniversary of Mexico City Student Massacre

Billy Joel Sells Miami Mansion - So Who’s the Big Spender?

Procedural Path Of The Senate Immigration Bill

BRAZIL: $250 Million to be Invested into Grain Silos

Blog del Narco: Gunmen attack in Gym and kill 4-Including “Mr. East”

Blog del Narco: Cartel Members Flee as Drug Run Goes Bad (VIDEO)

Arizona Seeing More Undocumented Central Americans Illegally Crossing Border

Brazil’s Senhor Testiculo - The Mascot Promoting Testicular Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Doctor Accused of Poisoning Lover, Fellow Doctor

CHECK OUT:  Extreme Jumper’s Disastrous 525-Ft Plunge in Spain (VIDEO)

Immigration Activist to be Deported after Returning from Mother’s Funeral in Mexico

MLB’s Chipper Jones’ Idea to Curb “Illegals” – Sic Gators on Them

Young Chilean Woman Now Auctioning Off Her Virginity