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December 2012 Archives

Bolivian Shipwreck Death Toll Now at 13, 27 Were Aboard

North Carolina Lawmakers Urge State to Not Target Undocumented Immigrants

Brazil Earmarks Nearly $26 Billion for Port Modernization

Mexican Duo Jesse and Joy Celebrate Grammy Nod

Latino Lawyer Defends Labor Rights of 70,000 Farm Workers in Illinois

U.S. Senate Demands Cuba Free Alan Gross

Mexican Court Rules in Favor of Same-Sex Couples Seeking Marriage

LATINO BLOTTER: Police Looking for Machete Wielding Attackers Named ‘Applez’ and ‘Sauce’

Messi Only Suffering From Bruise After Collision on the Field

Colombian Couple Live in Sewer for 22 Years

Software Creator McAfee Requests Political Asylum in Guatemala

UPDATE: Father Says Young Leukemia Patient Taken from Hospital is in Mexico

2013 Grammy Awards: And the Nominees Are…

San Diego Millionaire Looking for Latina Love, Buys Billboard

Boat Accident in Bolivia Leaves 11 Dead, 3 are Children

Int’l Olympic Committee Disqualifies 4 Medal Winners For Doping

STUDY:  Mexican Immigrants in U.S. are Lowest-Paid, Least Educated of Immigrant Groups

Mexico Plane Crash Leaves 2 Military Officers Dead

UPDATE:  One of Latin America’s Greatest Architects, Oscar Niemeyer, Dies

Petrobras Announces Deep-water Oil Find in Brazil