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August 2012 Archives

Argentina and Venezuela Form “Strategic” Oil Alliance

Latino Mayors Will be Key Part of Democratic National Convention

Mexican Actress Joins Fight Against Human Trafficking in LatAm

OLYMPICS: Venezuelan Fencer Ruben Limardo Gascon Wins Gold, 2nd-ever for Country

Immigrants Play a Key Role on U.S. Olympic Team

‘Sea Hag’ Kills Neighbor for Refusing Her a Can of Beer

Undocumented Youth to Celebrate DREAM Relief Day, Website Assisting With Work Permits

POLL: Romney Choosing Rubio for VP May Not Sway Latino Voters

LATINO BLOTTER: Man Pretending to be Florida Police Officer Busted by Actual Off-Duty Cop

Mobile App Connects Obama Campaign to Latino Voters

The GiraDora - How a Washer and Dryer Can Change the Lives of Thousands of Peruvians and the World

All in the Family - Martin Sheen to Appear on Son Charlie’s Sitcom, ‘Anger Management’

Shipping of Used Clothes to Relatives or Others in Dominican Republic is Now Illegal

Following Nina Garcia Tweet, JC Penny Stock Shoots Up 9.9%

Latino Blotter:  ‘This Is It!’ Rant Clears Out Midnight Viewing of “Dark Knight”

“Plain Jane Bandit” Strikes Again – Suspected Latina Robs Seventh Target

Tea Party Favorite, Ted Cruz, Wins Come From Behind Senate Run-Off in Texas

Hispanic Leadership Network Encourages Greater Political Participation by Latinos

OLYMPICS 2012: Brazil Struggles to Beat Britain in Men’s Basketball

Customs Agents Destroy 82.8 Million Confiscated Cigarettes in Mexico