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July 2012 Archives

LATINO BLOTTER UPDATE: Woman Who Falsely Claimed $2.1 Million Tax Refund Sentenced to 5 1/2 Years

Luis Ruiz, Jimmy Massey Officially Charged with Murder of Carina Saunders

Nearly 200 Chihuahuas Now Up for Adoption After Being Rescued from Hoarders

Olympics 2012: Lopez Siblings Hungry For Gold

Number of Hispanics Pursuing Ph.D.s Rises 161% from 2000 to 2010

Brazilians Have Close to $520 Billion Stashed Away in Offshore Tax Haven Accounts

Olympics 2012:  Can Argentina or Spain Beat Team USA in Men’s Basketball?

Tough Road Ahead for Spanish Film Industry

Star de Azlan’s Music Is a Mix of Country and Mariachi

Cuban Opposition Activists Arrested During Fellow Dissident’s Funeral

Shooting at Maximum Security Prison Wounds 3 in Honduras

AH1N1 Swine Flu Death Toll Hits 133 in Brazil

Latino Attorney Wants to Represent North Texas Latinos in Washington as U.S. Rep

Mexican Singer Alexander Acha Doesn’t Mind Being Known as Emmanuel’s Son

Four Alleged Thieves Killed by Guatemalan Mob

61 Schools In Chile Being investigated Amidst Claims of Child Sexual Abuse

LATINO BLOTTER: Fingerprint Scanner Keeps Failing, Annoyed Inmate Punches Officer

It’s National Tequila Day - Time to Celebrate

Study Investigates Elder Abuse Among Low-Income Latino Elderly

Mariah vs JLo: Will ‘American Idol’ Really Have Both Divas? And Who Will Make More?