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April 2012 Archives

LATINO BLOTTER:  Five Men Tortured and Strangled in Guatemalan Auto-Repair Shop

Colombia to Provide 100,000 Residents Free Homes, To Spend $738 Million on Housing

Another Journalist Killed in Mexico, Beaten and Strangled in Her Bathroom

Dead Dolphins and Now Hundreds of Dead Pelicans in Peru

Three Generations of Dominican Family Die When Car Plunges 60 Feet into Bronx Zoo from Overpass

‘Missing’ Cuban Actors Seek Asylum after Winning Big at Tribeca Film Festival

The Rubio Watch:  Grandfather Almost Deported

Colombian Adventure Park Plans to Construct Largest Jesus Christ Statute in the World

First Ladies of Latin America Combating Number of Minor Children Immigrating Alone to Find Parents

In Case You Were Wondering:  Frida Kahlo’s Mysterious Infertility Solved

Guillermo Del Toro’s New Project

Dominican Hanley Ramirez of Miami Marlins Get Endorsement Deal with New Balance Shoes

U.S. Ecuador Ambassador Gets Senate Approval

President Barack Obama Endorses Rep. Raúl M. Grijalva for Congress

Brazilian Film Maker Carlos Diegues to Chair Jury for Cannes Film Festival

Association of Farmworkers Denounce Obama’s Withdrawal of Efforts to Protect Child Field Hands

UN Alarmed at Most Recent Killing of Brazilian Journalist

Supreme Court Hears Arguments on SB1070- Decision Expected Late June

Mexico’s National Human Rights Commission: 3 Million Child Laborers in Mexico

ICE Plans to Deport 14 Year-Old New Yorker , Victoria Tomorrow