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March 2012 Archives

Barista Reveals South American Bugs Provide Color for Starbucks Drink

Q’VIVA! THE CHOSEN Paves the Way for Multilingual Television

Tornado phenomenon in Monterrey, Mexico (VIDEO)

Brazilian School Uniforms Now Come with Tracking Devices

Brazilian UFC Champ Fancies Adele and Katy Perry (VIDEO)

Ahead of Elections, Many Fear Violence Against Media in Mexico Will Increase

There is No Mayan Apocalypse Prediction Says Mexican Astronomer

Panga That Washed Ashore in El Segundo Was Carrying 15 Deported Criminals

Selena Gomez Makes a Wish Come True for a Little Girl Battling Leukemia (VIDEO)

Due to Cost and Availability, Many Latinas Heading into Mexico for Birth Control

Zoe Saldana and Bradley Cooper Call it Quits

Cover Image for Jennifer Lopez Single “Dance Again” Feat. Pitbull Revealed

Don’t Drink and Fly: Yet Another In-Flight Freakout Aboard

Honduran Marital Art Champ Arrested for Strangling Five People

Tragedy:  7-year old Street Beggar Murdered in Dominican Republic for $8

Former Brazilian President Lula to Return to Public Life with No Specific Plans Yet

Catholic Church in El Salvador Gets Gangs to Call a Truce

Amnesty International Blasts U.S. Over Detained Immigrants Treatment

Report: Latino Women Paid Less Than Black Women and Rest of U.S. Workforce

Venezuelan-Born Special Effects Artist Tulio Hernandez Now One of Hollywood’s Biggest Talents