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January 2012 Archives

Gunmen Open Fire in Northern Mexico, Leave 8 Dead, 4 Wounded

Venezuelan Kidnappers Release Mexican Ambassador and His Wife from Captivity

Two FARC Rebels Killed by Colombian Army

President Obama Busy Wooing Latino Voters

Coca-Cola Set to Invest $1 Billion in Mexico This Year, Creating 10,000 New Jobs

Arizona Democrats Want Gov. Brewer to Apologize to President for ‘Disrespect’

Chilean Film Makers Win Big at Sundance Film Festival

Puerto Rico Gov. Luis Fortuño Endorses Mitt Romney

PEW:  Latinos Believe Economic Downturn Harder on Them than Other Groups

WATCH VIDEO as Victor Cruz Does a ‘Salsa Battle’ on BET

Shakira Honored in France, Named Knight of the Orders of Arts and Letters

Republican Rep. David Rivera Introduces New DREAM Act,  Benefits Only Those in Military

Fire at Peru Rehab Center Leaves at Least 26 Dead

32 Die from Swine Flu Outbreak, Another 40 Die from Cold Weather in Mexico

WATCH VIDEO - Christian Aguilera Pays Tribute to Etta James, Sings ‘At Last’ at Memorial

Uruguay’s El Maestro, Oscar Tabarez, Named UN Champion for Sport

U.S. Diplomat Traveling to Colombia, Mexico and Brazil this Week

Check Out: Florida’s Latino Electoral Profile

UN Expert Urging Brazil to Stop Evictions of Sao Paulo Settlements

12% of All Dominican Children Work in Order to Feed Themselves