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December 2011 Archives

U.S. Treasury Targets Panamian Money Laundering Operation for Narcos in Mexico & Colombia

Friends Reconnect After 20 Years, One Gives Life-Saving Kidney to Other’s Husband for Christmas

UC Davis Health Signs Agreement with State of Sinaloa to Improve Health of Rural Population

Man Pretending to be Doctor Preyed on Sick in Stem Cell Scheme

Pastor Francisco Antonio Hernandez Accused of Sexually Abusing Children Sees More Charges Added

Mexican Rivera Resorts to Offer Same-Sex Marriage Rites and Legalization of the Unions

Latin American Region Closes Out Year with Economic Gains, Poverty Rate Drops to 30.4% Level

Toddler Accidentally Shot by Cousin NOT Brain Dead Afterall, Doctor Apologizes for Mistake

LATINO BLOTTER:  Vicious Lopez Twins of Norteno Gang Captured by U.S. Marshals

Is Bradley Cooper Dating “Colombiana” Star Zoe Saldana?

Tourists Evacuated from Popular National Park in Chile due to Fire

Florida: Leg Washes Up On Beach

120 Tons of Drug Mixers Seized in Mexico Arriving from China

Thousands Expected to March in Madrid in Defense of Family Values

Study Examines If Columbus Brought Syphilis to the Americas

U.S. Government Suing Moving Company for Anti-Latino Bias

More than 100 Sears, Kmart Stores to Close- Many Failed to see Christmas Boost

Mexico’s Los Zetas Using Encrypted Radio Networking to Conduct Business

Woman Stabs Mom After Learning Mayans Predict World Ending in 2012

Pew Study: Obama Approval Drops Amongst Latino Voters, Yet He Leads Over all Republican Contenders