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October 2011 Archives

Response to Massive Cuts in Job Training Program for Farmworkers and Migrants

Guatemala Issues Formal Apology to Deposed Former President Jacobo Arbez’ Family, 57 Yrs Later

Meet One of the Undocumented Students Who Benefited from Texas In-State Tuition (VIDEO)

Former Colombian Maritime Instructor Sentenced for Transporting Cocaine

International Concern About Journalist Killings in Mexico

Hispanically Speaking News Named 2011’s Top Content Provider for Hispanic Audiences

Catholic Church-Run Programs for Men help Stem Violence Against Nicaraguan Women

Calle 13- New “Latinoamerica” Video- See it Here

Peru Juice Bar Sells Fresh Frog Juice- “The Peruvian Viagra”  (VIDEO)

10 Reasons Why Immigration Reform Is Important to Everyones Fiscal Health

Man Suffers Having Both his Legs Cut Off- Claims Mistaken Identity- HS News Narco Blog

Sesame Street- Juanes and Sofia Vergara Celebrate Hispanic Heritage(VIDEO)

To Control Drugs- We Must Revisit Border Control (VIDEO)

After AL Immigration Ruling at Foley School with Hispanic Population, Students Cry, Withdraw,No-Show

“Capulina “(85) Passes Away in Mexico City- Enjoy Video of His Comedy

Follow the Money to New Adelanto Detention Facility

CELEBRATE this weekend with a Latin American Natural Wonder