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October 2011 Archives

STUDY: Hispanic & Black Teens Heavily Targeted by Soft Drink Manufacturers

Mexican Sinaloa Drug Cartel Operating in Arizona Dismantled, 76 Arrested

U.S. Citizen Students Suing Florida for Denying them In-State Tuition Due to Parents’ Status

Victor Cruz Saves the New York Giants, Then Salsa Dances (VIDEO)

Chile’s Constitutional Court Says No Gay Marriage

PGA Announces New Tour in Latin America

LATINO BLOTTER: Too Drunk to Fly. Airline Passenger Lands Himself in Jail After Hitting Officers

Cristiano Ronaldo Sends Racy Pictures of Fan to Everyone He Knows Including Fiancé -Oops!

President Obama’s Donated Nobel Prize Money Provides Scholarships for Hispanic Students

Eva Longoria’s Flirty dinner with NBA’s Matt Barnes, ‘Just Business’

10-Year Old Jasmen Gonzalez’ Body Found 2 Blocks From Where She Disappeared

Florida Highway Patrol Pulls Over Speeding Miami Cop

WATCH ‘Anonymous’ Sends Video to the Zetas Cartel (VIDEO)

Latinos: Will Eating Halloween Sweet Treats Make You Sweeter? Yes Says Research

Catholic Church in Cuba Lives a New Relationship with Government

‘Anonymous’ Hacker Kidnapped by Zeta’s, Group Threatens to Reveal Narco’s Corrupt Allies

Norberto Barba’s ‘Grimm’ Premieres to 6.5 Million Viewers

Argentinian Fishermen Catch Three-Eyed Fish in Nuclear Power Plant Reservoir

10-Year Old Jasmen Gonzalez Missing After Possibly Sleepwalking Out of the House

Having Sex While Skydiving Didn’t Break Rules Says FAA to Porn Star Alex Torres