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August 2011 Archives

Eva ‘Evita’ Peron’s Life Has Been Turned Into an Animated Film (VIDEO)

NYC Mayor Bloomberg Announces Programs to Tackle Disparities Between Minority Males and Their Peers

Sex & Parenting by Dr. Charley Ferrer

Juárez Cartel Killer Laments Ordering Execution of Over 1,000 People in Video Confessional (VIDEO)

Pack-Burro Racing Looking to Become Official Sport of Colorado

Border Patrol Accused of Forcing Drug Traffickers to Eat Marijuana & Run Naked in Desert

Musicians File Lawsuit to Have the Latin Jazz Category Reinstated at the Grammys

Carlos Meda: A Texas Mariachi in Iraq Serenading the Locals (VIDEO)

3 Immigrant Mothers Tell Their Stories of Having a LGBTQ Child in “Tres Gotas de Agua”

Chile Prepares for 1st Anniversary of San José de Copiapó Mine Collapse

Mexico & 15 Other Latin American Countries File Suit Against Alabama’s New Immigration Law

Latino Blotter:  Special Ed Teacher Had 1-Year Sexual Affair with 16-Yr Student

ICE Arrests TX Pawn Shop Employees for Ammo Smuggling into Mexico

Remittances to Mexico from Migrants for First Six Months of 2011 Were Up by 4.7%, Totaling $11.16B

Chile Set to Boost and Diversify Its Fruit Exports

UN Helps Belize Fight Highest Incidence of AIDS in Central America

Gunmen Show Mercy and Let 5 Children Live- HSN Narco Blog

Trafficker Claims Gov. Allowed Sinaloa Cartel to Bring Drugs into U.S.

New SELENA Album in the Works. Will be Released Early 2012

Former Soliders Receive More 6,000-Year Sentences for 1982 Guatemalan Massacre