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July 2011 Archives

Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney’s Family Has Mexican Roots

Venezuelan Scientists Unsure of Simon Bolivar Cause of Death

Republican Presidential Candidates Turn Down Chance to Speak at NCLR Conference

As Wealth Gap Widens – Hispanics Wealth Declined by 66% from 2005-2009

TRAGEDY: 6-Year-Old Rebecca Maria Herrera Dies in a Microwave

“Americans With Disabilities Act” 21 Years Later, Kathy Martinez’ Story (VIDEO)

JUST IN:  U.S. Teen Edgar “El Ponchis” Jimenez Found Guilty of Four Beheadings in Mexico

Who Should be On the “Dance Floor” with Obama on Immigration Reform?

California Gov. Brown Signs Half of State’s DREAM Act, Advocates Say It’s Good, but Not Enough

Senator Menendez Responds to President Obama’s Remarks at the NCLR Annual Conference (BILINGUAL)

Puerto Rican Roberto Alomar Inducted Into Baseball Hall of Fame (VIDEO)

Colombian Salsa Legend Joe Arroyo Dies (MUSIC VIDEO)

Jose Fellicano, Alex Lora, Linda Ronstadt & Others to be Honored with Lifetime Latin Grammy’s

Criminal Alien Turns Snitch, Turns in Fellow Drug Smuggler & Stash-House Location

Thugs Disarm 21 Police Officers in Michoacan Mexico- HS News Narco Blog

Over 125 Global Scholars & Student Leaders Participate in U.S. Exchange Programs

Hear Demi Lovato Sing “Skyscraper” in Spanish, Here’s “Rascacielo”  (VIDEO)

At NCLR Conference, Obama Addresses Immigration, Economy

Mexican Anthropologists Unearth Cannibal Tribe Remains in Durango

INTRODUCING: HS-News “Matinee” Featuring Up and Coming Latino Filmmakers