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July 2011 Archives

This Week 114 Individuals in Puerto Rico Indicted for Drug Trafficking & Money Laundering

Violence Against Indigenous People of Brazil are Increasing a Recent Study Shows

Georgia’s New Immigration Law Brings Thousands of Protesters to Street

Comprehensive Initiative to Engage Latino Voters for 2012 Elections is Created

Why is a Chihuahua Dancing Flamenco Instead of El Jarabe Tapatio?  (VIDEO)

Join us This and Every Sunday At HS-News Open Mic

At Least 10 Dead in Mexico Due to Tropical Storm Arlene

STUDY:  Obese Mexican-Americans Lack Diet, Exercise Advice from Doctors

International Tourism Continues to Improve Led by a 17% Increase in Travel to South America

EXTREME TRAFFICKING:  Mexican Woman Convicted of Smuggling Cash-Stuffed Teddy Bears

US Army Reserve Renews Partnership with LULAC Reinforcing its Education Committment to Hispanics


Costa Rican Feeds Wild Crocodile Out of His Hand (VIDEO)

TRAVEL WARNING: US Residents Told to Avoid Nuevo Laredo this Weekend

Mass March for Justice After Day without Immigrants in Georgia - Passage of HB 87 Leads to Outcry

4th of July Under Attack- Fireworks Cancelled- The Colbert Report Messes with Texas (VIDEO)

Jose Cuervo Toasts Takeru Kobayashi: Who Needs an Official Contest to be a Legend?

TEEN GIRL ASSASSINS: Young Girls Fighting for Cartels in Mexico (VIDEO)

PRI Sets Sights on Mexico Presidential Run Beginning with Governors Race Tomorrow

Make Travel with Kids Fun, Easy This July 4th Weekend