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July 2011 Archives

Half Nudies and Busty Fans Rule the Day at Copa America Games (VIDEO)

Join us This and Every Sunday At HS-News Open Mic

American World Cup Goalkeeper ‘Dunks’ George Lopez on A Dare (VIDEO)

Latino Blotter:  Louie Sanchez & Marvin Norwood Charged in Brutal Beating at Dodger Stadium

Immigration Reports Show Record Number of Deportation Thanks to Traffic & Drunk Driving Offenses

First Ever Colombia-Brazil Investment Forum to Take Place, Santos, Lula & Others in Attendance

Assaults & Threats Against Migrant Defenders in Mexico on the Rise

Children of the Harvest - Dateline NBC (VIDEO)-Part one

Rev. Rodriguez and Circle of Protection Leaders Meet with President Obama

As Congress and President Battle on Debt Ceiling, Young Hispanics Prefer Spending Cuts over Taxes

David Vitter Is “Intimate” With Prosecutorial Discretion, but Wants to HALT Obama’s Use of it

U.S. Commerce Secretaries Highlight Economic Benefits of Immigration Reform

Snowmageddon Hits Southern Chile (VIDEO)

Mayo Clinic en Español Launched to Better Engage Hispanic Community(VIDEO)

Machu Picchu Celebrations Just 100km from Uncontacted Tribes

U.S-Mexico Border Residents Not Surprised by Falling Crime Stats (VIDEO)

Georgia’s Anti-Immigration Law Hits Restaurant Industry

An Open Letter to the President from Hispanic Farmers

Proposals to Raise National Debt Ceiling by Undercutting Bedrock Safety Net Programs Hurts Hispanics

Ciudad Juarez Cop Shoots Dog for Barking at Him (Video)