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April 2011 Archives

Colombian Drug Traffickers Now Using Subs to Transport Drugs

An Assessment of Aging Latino’s: ‘The Latino Age Wave’

Could Ricky Martin Be Seeking Spanish Nationality?

House Rep: UMass In-State Tuition Program Would Create Backdoor for Undocumented Students

Ban on Bullfighting is on Rafael Correa’s Agenda

Oregon Lawmakers Asking Congress for Reimbursement for Incarcerating Undocumented Criminals

Have They NO Shame: Fox Appeals to Hispanic Market, Creates Fox Hispanic Media

Banks in Brazil Being Sued for Approving Loans for Deforestation

“Yes We Can” VS. “Begins With Us in 2012” Obama Launches Reelection Bid (VIDEO)

Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Zapatero Stepping Down After Current Term

McDonald to Hire 50,000 Employees on April 19th Dubbed as a Mega “Hiring Day”

Passport Day in the USA Offers Appointment-Free Saturday Service

International Day for Mine Awareness: Colombia Has 2nd Most Victims in the World

57% OK With Government Shutdown If Leads to Deeper Budget Cuts

35% Percent of Latina Women Have Children with More Than One Man

GOP Florida Senator Marco Rubio Urging Regime Change in Libya

Culture Shock & Stress Blamed for Nearly 15% of Attempted Latina Teen Suicides

Nicaragua Lets Go of Idea to Become Libya’s UN Envoy

Extreme Trafficking: At 11:30 pm 19 Yr Old Tries to Roll Across Border in Marijuana Wheelchair

Lack of Confidence in Mexican Judicial Issue When Investigating Forced Disappearances