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January 2011 Archives

More Latinos in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math Fields Wanted

Padre Albert Cutie–Pens Book Charging Church has “Many Homosexuals”

‘Buried’: Going Underground before the Oscars?

First Palestine Embassy in the Western Hemisphere will be Built in Brazil

Lawmakers in Kentucky Disagree on How to Handle Undocumented Immigration

Puerto Rican Man Visits Family in Florida and Then Decides to Torch Them to Death

UN:  Dozens of Towns in Colombia Still Remain Underwater, Millions Remain Displaced

1.5 Million Flee after Chile 7.1 Quake

2.3 Million American Reenter U.S. Without Proper Documentation

Hate Crimes Up in New York State with High Anti-Semitic Sentiment and Low Anti-Hispanic Bias

NARCO BLOG:  Gruesome Public Hanging of Half-Naked Woman Ends 2010 on Violent Note for Mexico

Hot Sauce Blamed for Man Exposing Himself to Teenager on Flight

POLL:  American Not Very Optimistic About Upcoming New Year

2016 Olympic Logo Revealed for Brazil Games

NO MAS! Smoking Ban in All of Spain’s Restaurants and Bars Put in Effect Today

UPDATE:  Evo Morales Rescinds 73% Gas Price Hike

Laugh Out Loud This and Every Sunday With HS-NEWS SUNDAY COMICS