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January 2011 Archives

Laugh Out Loud This and Every Sunday With HS-NEWS SUNDAY COMICS

NARCO BLOG: 15-year-old Member of Mexico’s Pacific South Cartel Captured

Another ‘Pot’apult Found Near U.S.-Mexico Border

Remarks with Colombia’s VP Angelino Garzon and Sec. Hillary Clinton after Diplomatic Meetings

Connecticut Bakery Owner May Face 5 Yrs in Jail and $250,000 Fine for Hiring 10 Illegal Aliens

Chocolate Drought Predicted, With World Supply of Cocoa Gone by 2014 – OH NO!

Volunteer Mexican Firefighters Travel to OC California for Training (VIDEO)

111 Confirmed Cases of Cholera in Venezuela all from Lobster Served at Wedding in Dominican Republic

TX Dept of Public Safety (DPS)  Warns Against Mexico Travel

The White House Blog: Immigration & Winning the Future

States Looking to Copy Arizona Immigration Law Facing Financial Hardships

Oscar-Nominated for Best Documentary Feature, “Restrepo” to Be Broadcast on Nat Geo Channel 2/2

IRS and Telemundo Host Tax Information Program for Spanish-Speaking Taxpayers- Sunday Jan 30

Spain’s Unemployment Rate Tops 20.33%, Highest Level for Any Industrialized Nation

Mexico Cracks Down on Corrupt Mayors, 33 Accused and Detained

LAPD Chief Not Anticipating Arizona-esque Immigration Law For L.A.

Fifth day of Egypt Protests, Continued Calls for Mubarak to Resign

It’s Easy Being Green: Five Green Trends for 2011

Federal Judge Bars Indiana’s Attempt to Amend Birthright Citizenship

Los Angeles Catholic Schools Adopt a 200-day School Calendar, 20 More than Most Schools in Country