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October 2010 Archives

Evo or Mahmoud. Who Handles Balls Better?

Latin Grammy Announces More Superstar Performances (VIDEO)

Two-out-of-Three Americans Don’t Feel Better Off Than They were Five Years Ago

Serenade of the Seas Cruise Ship in Puerto Rico Scene of Drug Seizures

Concern Over Prison Term for Panamanian Journalists Growing

One of Latin America’s Largest Energy Efficiency Projects Underway in Venezuela

Latinos Divided Over What to do About Undocumented, Most Advocate for a Fine but not Deportation

Election Year Highlights Hispanic Media’s Influence

South Carolina holds Hearings to Discuss Immigration Reform Bill

Cuba to Open First Religious Building in 50 Years

15 Dead in Mexico Car Wash Massacre

Jaguar Attacks and Kills U.S. Citizen in Belize

Six Grenades and 1,000 Bullets Later Entire Mexican Town’s Police Force Quits

Spanish Law Orders Prostitutes to Wear Fluorescent Vests

We Need the Recently Departed Paul the Octopus to Predict the Nevada Race

ELECTION:  Brian “My Kids Don’t Look Hispanic” Sandoval Poised to be Nevada’s Next Governor

ELECTION:  Meg Whitman Continues Outreach to Latino Community with Confusing Messages (VIDEO)

Madonna Chooses Mexico City as the First Location for her New Fitness Center Chain

Nobel Peace Prize Website Comes Under Cyberattack

Brazilian Pro-Life Bishops Receive Death Threats