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October 2010 Archives

BREAKING NEWS: Brazil Elects Dilma Rousseff, First Female President in the History of the Nation.

Oral Arguments in United States v. Arizona to be Televised Live on C-Span Tomorrow

In Spite of Pending Court Case Most Arizona Voters Continue to Support SB1070

A Second Call Goes Out For Latinos NOT to Vote on Tuesday

ELECTION:  Multiple Sources Available to Assist Eligible Latino Voters

Brazil’s Ruling Party Candidate Dilma Rousseff a Clear Favorite Today in the Presidential Runoff

South American’s 3,400 Mile Transoceanic Superhighway Soon to Become a Reality

Soccer Field Massacre in Honduras Leaves 14 Dead

Modern Family Sitcom Offends Peruvians by Calling Them: “Goat-Tripping Murderers” (VIDEO)

Rare Mexican Iguana Illegally Enters U.S. – Not Sure if It’ll Be Deported or Given a Green Card

Vying for Obama’s Old Seat- Kirk and Giannoulias Differ on Immigration Reform

Immigrant Rights Groups Ask the FCC to Protect Their Right to Send Advocacy Text Messages

Know Your Rights on Election Day - Some Helpful Tips by NCLR

Latin American Leaders Arrive in Argentina to Pay Respects to Nestor Kirchner

Spain to Aid the Dominican Republic to Expand Access to Clean Water in Poorest Regions

Harry Reid and Tea Party Darling Sharron Angle in Razor-Close Race

New Requirements for Passport Applicants with Puerto Rican Birth Certificates

Happy Halloween from HS-News!

Courts of Brazil Acknowledge McDonald’s Makes You Porky and Mad Enough to Sue (VIDEO)

Violence in Mexico appears to be Targeting Innocent Bystanders