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WednesdayJuly 23, 2014

Latino Daily News: Bringing You the Latest Hispanic Current Events and News Stories 24/7

To reflect the dynamic interests of our audience, Latino Daily News is an online daily news source and virtual cultural center for and about Latinos. We offer the latest news headlines, as well as innovative and insightful Hispanic current events stories, photos, videos, and commentaries from a Latino perspective, 24/7.

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192 Arrested in U.S. Crackdown on Human Smuggling

As part of the U.S. Government’s aggressive campaign to respond to the recent rise in illegal migration into South Texas, Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson, joined by U.S. Deputy Attorney General James Cole, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary Thomas Winkowski, U.S. Customs and Border Protection Acting Operations Division Deputy Chief Jaime Salazar, today announced the progress of ongoing enforcement efforts by ICE Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) and the United States Department of Justice to target human smuggling networks in the Rio Grande Valley.

On June 23, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) surged personnel to the RGV as part of HSI’s efforts to target and dismantle human smuggling operations across the southwest border. Less than a month into this operation, 192 smugglers and their associates have already been arrested on criminal charges, more than 501 undocumented immigrants have been taken into custody and more than $625,000 in illicit profits have been seized from 288 bank accounts held by human smuggling and drug trafficking organizations.

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Unlicensed Gold Mine Collapses in Colombia, 2 Dead and 17 Missing

The collapse of an unlicensed, open-pit gold mine Wednesday in the southwestern Colombian province of Cauca left at least two dead and 17 missing, authorities said.

Several people also were injured in the mine accident, according to Jose Victor Amu Sinisterra, the mayor of the town of Timbiqui where the mine is located.

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Republicans Want National Guard to Help with Border Crisis

The Republican majority in the House of Representatives on Wednesday unveiled their recommendations for dealing with the child immigration crisis on the southern border, a list that begins with deploying the National Guard and contains legal changes to facilitate the process of deporting the minors.

The Republicans’ recommendations come a little more than a week before Congress’ August recess, while President Barack Obama’s request for $3.7 billion in emergency funds to handle the crisis remains stalled.

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Border Patrol:  U.S.-Mexico Border Most Secure in Arizona

Amid the crisis sparked by the massive arrival in Texas of unaccompanied and undocumented children from Central America, Border Patrol commanders in Arizona say their stretch of the frontier with Mexico is the most secure in the United States, thanks to a drastic reduction in illegal crossings.

Last year was the first time in the past 22 years that Texas exceeded Arizona in numbers of migrant detentions, and this situation has increased still further with the crisis caused by the arrival of the Central American kids.

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Colombian Military Kills 13 Guerrillas and Captures 20

Government forces killed a total of 13 leftist guerrillas on Tuesday in separate operations, sources in the Colombia Defense Ministry told Efe.

Twenty other rebels were captured.

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Arsonists Torch Vehicles in Chile’s Capital City of Santiago

Three automobiles were burned early Wednesday in Santiago’s San Miguel district, where those responsible for the vandalism left pamphlets alluding to the cases of anarchists who have been arrested in Chile and abroad, police said.

The arson attacks were carried out almost simultaneously at two different spots in San Miguel, located in southern Santiago, the Carabineros militarized police force said.

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Mexico’s Foreign Reserves Fall by $104 Million

Mexico’s foreign reserves fell by $104 million last week to $190.23 billion, the Bank of Mexico said.

Gold and foreign currency reserves decreased in the week ending July 18 mainly due to a drop in the value of the central bank’s assets.

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Defender Jeremy Mathieu Aquired by FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona said it will sign defender Jeremy Mathieu to a four-year deal after reaching an agreement with Valencia CF for the French player’s transfer.

Barcelona paid Valencia 20 million euros ($27 million) for the transfer and will have the option of extending Mathieu’s contract for a fifth season, the club said Wednesday on its Web site.

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Blog del Narco: Drug Lords El Chapo and La Barbie Team Up for Prison Hunger Strike

Blog del Narco: Drug Lords El Chapo and La Barbie Team Up for Prison Hunger Strike

Photo: El Chapo and La Barbie

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Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, leader of the Sinaloa cartel, and Edgar Valdez Villarreal, “La Barbie,” imprisoned in the maximum security prison of the Altiplano in Almoloya, State of Mexico, banded together last week and showed their strength to the federal government. They organized almost a thousand inmates, five modules of the prison, to initiate a hunger strike to protest alleged human rights violations at the prison.  According to information disclosed from the criminals lawyers and confirmed by some prisoners, a hunger strike, led by “El Chapo “and” Barbie “,  began on Wednesday and will remain” until further notice “.

Prisoners complain that the prison, whose CEO is Valentin Cardenas Lerma-, does not allow access to the store in which their families deposit funds so that they have toiletries. Allegedly prisoners are not given proper medical attention or medication. Furthermore, just prior to the hunger strike, more than 20 inmates were poisoned by eating spoiled chicken.  In addition, prisoners claim they are not given underwear and no time for family visits or telephone calls to which they are entitled is.

In August 2010 when the PF presented “La Barbie” in the media, the offender looked sturdy and smiling; Now, according to testimony from the lawyers interviewed, weighs about 17 kilos less and within the prison he has converted to Christianity. Upon your arrival at Altiplano, Valdez Villarreal was also held in the area of “Special Treatment"s and at least ten times.This hunger strike is in protest, because for a year and a half was not allowed to see his wife. He also complained of the lack of cleanliness of their environment, poor nutrition and medical care.  Although Guzman and Valdez are in the area of greatest prison security and supposedly can not communicate with each other or with other prisoners, they organized the hunger strike, which totaled nearly a thousand inmates, more than half of the prison population. Special Treatment area rules will require that all prisoners of this area eat in their cells, not in the dining room. From Wednesday 16 “El Chapo” and “La Barbie” have rejected the three daily meals that take them. According to information gathered through Friday 18, fasting continued. In response, prison authorities handed strikers socks and underwear, and the director has tried to talk to them. Prisoners are asking to be allowed a 9 inches TV, as permitted by the regulations, that the store is increased to 300 thousand pesos, as the Cefereso of Matamoros.

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Undocumented Immigrants Face Perilous Journey to US, No Guarantees (VIDEO)

Every day, hundreds of undocumented immigrants from Central America attempt the arduous journey through Mexico and turn themselves over to U.S. border patrol—with the hope that they will not be turned away. But the dangers they face along the way are many, and as Ramon Taylor reports from the Rio Grande Valley in Texas, their fate rests on more than just the reception they get at the US border.

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WednesdayJuly 23, 2014