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SaturdayMarch 30, 2013

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To reflect the dynamic interests of our audience, Latino Daily News is an online daily news source and virtual cultural center for and about Latinos. We offer the latest news headlines, as well as innovative and insightful Hispanic current events stories, photos, videos, and commentaries from a Latino perspective, 24/7.

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JUST IN: Texas District Attorney and Wife Found Shot Dead in Their Home

JUST IN: Texas District Attorney and Wife Found Shot Dead in Their Home

Photo: TX District Attorney Mike McLelland Found Murdered

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

Texas District Attorney, Mike McLelland and his wife Cynthia were found shot to dead in their home Saturday night.  McLelland is Kaufman County’s district attorney.  These killings are the third killings of Kaufman County officials this year – some believe they are all related.

These deaths come on the heals of the killing of Assistant District Attorney Mark Hasse, who was killed on his way to his office, January 31st.  Hasse was one of 12 attorneys on McLelland’s staff. 

The couple was found dead inside their Forney residence.  Apparently Mike McLelland was shot multiple times with an assault rifle and his wife shot once.  Authorities believe 14 rounds were fired.  A police officer friend came to check on them when he noticed their front door had been kicked opened, he then found the bodies. 

Kaufman County is a north Texas county that is part of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.  It is made up of the cities of Kaufman, Forney, Terrell and Crandall.  18 percent of the population is Latino and they are the largest minority in the county.

Texas authorities are now ramping up security around all Kaufman County officials.  The FBI will lead the investigation into all three murders. 

The McLelland’s are survived by their five children. 

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Experts to Search Ground Zero Rubble for Human Remains

Experts to Search Ground Zero Rubble for Human Remains

Photo: Ground Zero rubble

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New York City begins sifting this Monday through tons of rubble from buildings on the site of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in search of human remains that will allow more victims to be identified.

According to a communique from New York City’s deputy mayor of operations, Cas Holloway, cited by the NBC network, 60 truckloads of rubble have been collected over the past 2 1/2 years from the construction zone known as Ground Zero.

Approximately 450 cubic meters (15,860 cubic feet) of earth and debris have been taken from the World Trade Center area where the Twin Towers once stood and which collapsed when suicide pilots crashed hijacked airliners into them on 9/11, burying 2,750 people.

Due to the dimension of the collapse and the fire, the remains of some 1,634 people have never been identified.

In 2006, New York City Hall widened the search for human remains after finding several of the victims’ bones. Since then another 34 victims have been identified.

Holloway said that DNA testing will continue until all possible identifications have been completed.

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Continuing Peace Talks Between Colombia, FARC Delayed till End of April

Continuing Peace Talks Between Colombia, FARC Delayed till End of April

Photo: Juan Manuel Santos

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The peace delegations of the Colombian government and the FARC announced Saturday that the continuation of peace talks in Cuba, originally scheduled for April 2, will be delayed until the end of April. Meanwhile the two sides will work “separately” on pending elements of the agrarian problem.

The government and the guerrilla group said Saturday in a joint communique that “the delegations will dedicate the first two weeks of April to working separately on the remaining sub-topics of the first point” on the peace talks agenda: comprehensive agrarian development.

Negotiators for the Juan Manuel Santos government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, began their dialogue in November 2012 in Havana to put an end to the armed conflict that has not ceased for half a century.

The rural conflict is the origin of the armed confrontation and is considered the most complex of the six points on the negotiating agenda.

The next subject for discussion will be political participation, and for that the government and the FARC intend to organize a forum in Colombia to open a social debate on this topic, as they did in December about land use.

Other points awaiting discussion are the end of the armed conflict, the drug-trafficking problem, aid for victims and the verification and endorsement of agreements made at the negotiating table.

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Lindsay Lohan Has Rehab Detour in Brazil

Lindsay Lohan Has Rehab Detour in Brazil

Photo: Lindsay Lohan, Brazil - Twitter

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Troubled, barely-working actress Lindsay Lohan is in Brazil before starting her court mandated 90-day rehab lock down.

Lohan is reportedly in Brazil promoting the John John Denim clothing line and to attend Brazil’s Lollapalooza music festival. 

Apparently she stopped at a Sao Paulo nightclub shortly after landing and proceeded to land under the table of a nightclub. A fellow nightclub goer took the unflattering pic and posted it on his Twitter account.  Lohan appeared to be drinking and crying under the table – need we say more.

Nonetheless, John John proudly announced the arrival of Lohan in Brazil on their Facebook page.  The designer’s flagship store is in Sao Paulo.

Lohan could be upset because there are new allegations out there that she stole jewelry from the ‘Anger Management’ where she did a guest appearance.  She claims that producers allowed her to take anything she wanted and they would deduct it from her salary. 

The 26-year-old actress is expected to remain in Brazil until Monday.  During her stay she will make (hopefully) multiple appearances on behalf of the brand. 

Upon return states side she has until May 2nd to prove to a judge that she has enrolled in a lock down rehab treatment program.

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FC Barcelona Draws 2-2 Against Celta Vigo

FC Barcelona Draws 2-2 Against Celta Vigo

Photo: FC Barcelona

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A goal by Borja Oubiña with three minutes before time allowed Celta Vigo soccer club to salvage a tie against Barcelona, which, as expected, saved many of its top players for its quarterfinal Champions League duel against Paris Saint Germain.

But barring any major catastrophe, Barca has the Spanish League tied up. Its real challenge will be the Champions League. The technical staff headed by Tito Vilanova knows it, which is why he saved most of his top players from the Vigo fray, with only Messi, Pique, Dani Alves and Cesc Fabregas on the field from the usual lineup.

The visiting Barcelona squad was obviously not giving its all, and failed to take advantage of a Celta Vigo that was far too conservative.

Celta Vigo was able to celebrate briefly on its home field, however, when it went ahead in the first half with a goal by Natxo Insa.

But just five minutes later the Argentine Leo Messi tipped the ball to Cristian Tello, who booted it past Javi Varas to score.

From then on, Barcelona’s domination was almost crushing. Celta gave up the attack and fell behind when Messi scored a tie-breaker against Varas in the second half.

But Celta wasn’t finished and fought back for a tie, which it grabbed with a header into the net by Borja Oubiña, taking advantage of some defensive stumbling by Barcelona.

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Intimate Biography of Jenni Rivera to Hit the Shelves

Intimate Biography of Jenni Rivera to Hit the Shelves

Photo: Jenni Rivera

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The executive director of Latin content and programming for Billboard, Leila Cobo, has written a biography of the late Jenni Rivera, an intimate portrait of the difficult, successful life of the star of Mexican regional music.

When she died last Dec. 9 in an air crash in Mexico, Rivera was at the height of her fame - she was the top selling songstress in her musical category and the only Latino artist with her own radio and TV programs, as well as her own lines of makeup and fashion, and even a beneficent foundation.

In the biography “Jenni Rivera: The Incredible Story of a Warrior Butterfly,” Cobo notes that she had an indominitable determination.

Jenni was born in Culver City on the west side of Los Angeles, the first girl among four brothers. She grew up like a princess - but also like a warrior, because she soon learned to stand up for herself among men.

At age 15 she got pregnant, but thanks to teachers at her school, she never gave up her studies. But Rivera’s life as a young mom wasn’t easy, above all because her man abused her.

Years after the couple separated, the book says, Rivera learned that her daughter and her sister had been abused by the same man. She was determined that justice be done and eventually got even.

She recorded her first disc in 1993 as a gift for her dad, an album of traditional songs that didn’t attract much attention. Every year afterwards she recorded another for her father - because she wanted to do it and because it made her happy.

By the start of the last decade she had climbed the heights of stardom, traveling, recording, and forging very close ties with her many fans.

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Does North Carolina Republican Gov. Pat McCrory Dislike Latinos?

Does North Carolina Republican Gov. Pat McCrory Dislike Latinos?

Photo: Republican North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory

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The newly elected Republican Governor of North Carolina, Pat McCrory, is making Latino policies his priority or better said anti-Latino policies his priority.  First there was the ‘scarlet letter’ on driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants and now the sudden closing of the state office for Latino affairs.

If Latinos didn’t have the Republican National Party reminding them how much members of the party, like McCrory, want to outreach and improve the rhetoric everyone would think McCrory didn’t like Latinos.

One of his first actions in office was signing off on putting a ‘scarlet letter’ on driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants accepted into the deferred deportation program. After much criticism from the Latino community he dropped the idea of issuing separate pink drivers license. 

Now the 15-year-old office of Hispanic/Latino Affairs for the state was closed suddenly.  The only official explanation by the Governor was that governmental offices were being merged.

McCrory has been in office since January 1, 2013.

Latinos aren’t forgetting that during his long political career that include stints as Mayor and councilman he urged his police officers to start asking crime victims of their immigration status, he also opposed allowing undocumented immigrants from attending community colleges. 

McCrory needs to remember demographic trends and voting patterns aren’t on his side.

Latinos are the fastest growing demographic in the state that now exceeds 800,000 residents.  In just four years over 70,000 Latinos have registered to vote which represents a 44 percent increase.  McCrory should also take note that nearly 44 percent of Hispanic voters in the state are registered Democrats, while 18.5 percent are Republicans.

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Paulina Rubio Puts Divorce Behind Her, Focuses On Work

Paulina Rubio Puts Divorce Behind Her, Focuses On Work

Photo: Paulina Rubio

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Mexican songstress Paulina Rubio decided to immerse herself in her work to forget all the troubles of her controversial divorce from Spanish businessman Nicolas “Colate” Vallejo-Najera.

Paulina Rubio and her ex agreed to share custody of their son, Andrea Nicolas, after the Madrid entrepreneur accepted the singer’s proposal to pay her $243,000 in three years and not the $1 million she originally demanded in a Miami court.

To leave the whole bitter experience behind, the Mexican returned to Miami and these days is shooting in Florida the musical TV program “La Voz Kids” (Kids Voice) together with Roberto Tapia and bachata singer Prince Royce, while preparing new material for an upcoming album.

During an interview with Efe, the singer refused to make a statement about her personal life but said she feels herself “a winner of a woman” in life and acknowledged that “to win you have to lose a lot.”

For her, “the most important thing is silence,” a rule she puts into practice minutes before beginning a concert so the recital will go well.

These days the “golden girl” is filming “La Voz Kids,” a program based on the television hit “The Voice,” a search for young musical talent that airs on Telemundo.

The Mexican will be a trainer of young singers, she said, in order to teach the future artists what they need to know in order to be successful in the industry and land a recording contract.

Referring to her next album, the songstress said she still doesn’t know what her new songs will be about, but promised she will always be “full of inspiration” when writing them.

“I’m doing music, songs, and living to launch my 11th studio album,” she said.

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Nominate a Hero in Your Community for the Citizens Medal

Nominate a Hero in Your Community for the Citizens Medal

Photo: American Heroes

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Each year President Obama honors a handful of extraordinary Americans with the Citizens Medal, one of our nation’s highest civilian honors.

The Citizens Medal recognizes Americans for exemplary deeds of service outside of their regular jobs—people who feed the needy, who take care of our veterans, or who support our children.

Do you know someone who deserves to be recognized by President Obama?

In order for an individual to be considered for the Medal:

    Nominees must be citizens of the United States, as required by the 1969 Executive Order
    The nominee’s service must have been performed outside of their regular job
    All questions on this form must be fully answered
    Nominations must be received by Sunday, March 31, 2013 at 11:59 p.m. ET


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Latino Poetry Festival Kicks Off in Chicago

Latino Poetry Festival Kicks Off in Chicago

Photo: 6th Annual Latino Poetry Festival

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Chicago will play host once again to the largest international Latino Poetry Festival in the Midwest.  The festival in its sixth year launches April 11, 2013 and coincides with National Poetry Month and is free to the public.

The theme of this year’s festival is the five senses and spotlights local and international award-winning poets.  Poetry readings will incorporate the visual arts, music, multi-media and food to engage audiences.  Special guest poets include poet Coral Bracho from Mexico, Juan Carlos Mestre from Spain and Cuban poets Luis Lorente and Nicolas Hernandez Guillen.

Contratiempo and DePaul University will host the nearly three-week event that takes place throughout the city of Chicago. 

Contratiempo is a nonprofit publishing and writing center whose mission is to preserve and highlight the cultural identity and contributions of Spanish speaking Latino populations of the United States.  DePaul is the nation’s largest Catholic university, and Chicago’s largest private institution.

Click here to obtain a complete schedule of events. 

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“El Chapo” Is Top Meth Trafficker in Asia-Mexico-U.S. Triangle

“El Chapo” Is Top Meth Trafficker in Asia-Mexico-U.S. Triangle

Photo: Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman

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Notorious Mexican narcotics trafficker Joaquin “El Chapo” (Shorty) Guzman is the main methamphetamine smuggler in the Asia-Pacific-Mexico-United States triangle; controls 80 percent of the U.S. drug market; and rakes in an estimated $3 billion in annual revenue, according to a new study.

His Sinaloa cartel “is an authentic global enterprise since both his markets and products exhibit a high degree of diversification,” researcher Jose Luis Leon said in a report titled “Methamphetamine Traffic: Asia-Mexico-United States.”

The analysis will be included in the 2012 Security and Defense Atlas of Mexico, which is to be presented next week.

The author said the cartel led by Mexico’s most-wanted fugitive smuggles marijuana, cocaine, opiates and methamphetamine to markets across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

He said that although some skeptics in Mexico question Chapo’s inclusion on Forbes magazine’s list of the world’s wealthiest people, Rand Corporation figures indicate the drug trafficker “obtains revenues of at least $3 billion annually, comparable to those of Netflix or Facebook.”

The author said the Sinaloa cartel imports huge quantities of drug-precursor chemicals from China, India and Thailand, adding that those substances arrive at Mexican Pacific or Guatemalan ports and are processed at clandestine laboratories in the states of Michoacan, Jalisco, Sinaloa and Sonora.

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Spanish Adventurer Returns to Jet Ski Voyage After Minor Setback in The Bahamas

Spanish Adventurer Returns to Jet Ski Voyage After Minor Setback in The Bahamas

Photo: Alvaro de Marichalar

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Spanish adventurer Alvaro de Marichalar is back on his jet ski attempting to emulate the voyage on which Juan Ponce de Leon discovered Florida 500 years ago, after briefly running aground on an island east of the Bahamas.

He told of his misadventure Friday on his social network accounts, on which he keeps followers up to date on his trip retracing the Spanish explorer’s voyage five centuries ago from Puerto Rico to Florida.

“Fortunately all OK, setting out again. Thanks to all for your support,” the adventurer said on his Twitter account, without providing further details about what made him temporarily interrupt his crossing.

The satellite signal he emits periodically positioned the Numancia, the name of his jet ski, at 2100 GMT between the string of islands southeast of the Bahamas, north of Cuba and northwest of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Marichalar began his trip on March 20 from the dock at San Juan’s Club Nautico en route to St. Augustine, Florida, where he plans to arrive on April 3 after sailing 1,624 nautical miles across the sea.

“Juan Ponce de Leon arrived at the (site of the future) city of St. Augustine, in Florida, on April 3, and I intend to arrive right on the same date 500 years later, and at least try to carry the flag of Spain to that town,” Marichalar told Efe minutes before setting out.

His next stop will be in Nassau and from there he will head north to St. Augustine, from where he will ride his jet ski down the Florida coast to Cape Canaveral and Miami.

Juan Ponce de Leon arrived at St. Augustine on the feast of “Pascua Florida” (Easter Sunday), 1513, the reason he gave that name to this southeastern U.S. state.

Marichalar was in San Juan for about two weeks looking fruitlessly for a support vessel and sponsors, but his lack of success on these tasks did not change his mind about undertaking the jet ski voyage since he trusts in his extensive ocean experience to make the trip successfully.

Starting in 1982, Marichalar has made 38 ocean expeditions - logging some 30,000 miles on board his jet ski - and set 11 world records.

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Foreign Passports Can No Longer Be Used as ID in Georgia

Foreign Passports Can No Longer Be Used as ID in Georgia

Photo: Foreign Passports Not as ID - Georgia

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Georgia’s Republican-controlled state legislature has passed a bill that would prohibit the use of foreign passports as identification, a measure that some organizations say could leave many immigrants without access to basic services.

While the rest of the country is focused on a “common-sense” immigration-law overhaul, “Georgia is still trying to set up barricades for many possible future citizens who live and work in the state,” Azadeh Shahshahani, director of the National Security/Immigrants’ Rights Project at the American Civil Liberties Union of Georgia, told Efe Friday.

Senate Bill 160, which was passed Thursday by the state legislature, is similar to another pending bill - HB 125 - that had several of its toughest measures - including ones preventing illegal immigrants from obtaining driver’s licenses and homestead exemptions - stripped out by a Senate committee.

Those measures were inserted into SB 160 by a House committee.

If signed into law by Gov. Nathan Deal, the legislation would prevent people with no other identity document from accessing public services such as water and sewage or filing for a marriage license.

Many undocumented migrants in Georgia have no “secure and verifiable” identification other than their passport, since the state does not recognize the “matricula consular” - the Mexican consular ID card - or other foreign-issued documents.

“We’re going to follow the implementation of this legislation closely to make sure that immigrants are not affected,” Shahshahani said.

Other organizations such as the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials, meanwhile, on Friday called on the state’s residents to contact Gov. Deal and urge him to veto the legislation.

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MLB Stars Verlander, Posey Sign Big Contract Extensions

MLB Stars Verlander, Posey Sign Big Contract Extensions

Photo: Justin Verlander

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Detroit Tigers starting pitcher Justin Verlander and San Francisco Giants catcher Buster Posey both received multi-year contract extensions that guarantee them at least $180 million and $167 million, respectively, in the coming years, according to media reports.

The 30-year-old Verlander, winner of the American League Cy Young Award and Most Valuable Player Award in 2011, was already under contract through 2014 with a salary of $20 million per year for the next two seasons.

The new deal, announced Friday, maintains those salaries and tacks on $28 million per year through 2019.

It also includes a $22 million option for 2020 that will become guaranteed if he finishes in the top five in Cy Young voting in 2019.

The extension makes Verlander the highest paid pitcher in baseball history, trumping the seven-year, $175 million deal that Seattle Mariners star Felix Hernandez signed in February.

Verlander, considered one of baseball’s best and most durable pitchers since being named American League Rookie of the Year in 2006, has a career 124-65 record with a 3.40 ERA.

He won 24 games in 2011, when he became the first starting pitcher to win the Cy Young and MVP awards in the same year since Roger Clemens in 1986.

Verlander also has recorded at least 17 wins in three other seasons and led the major leagues in strikeouts and innings pitched in 2009, 2011 and 2012.

He also helped lead the Tigers to World Series berths in 2006 and 2012, when they lost to the St. Louis Cardinals and San Francisco Giants, respectively.

“Justin is one of the premier pitchers in baseball and we are thrilled to keep him in a Tigers uniform for many years to come,” Detroit Tigers president, CEO and general manager Dave Dombrowski said.

“Justin has been a Tiger for his entire career and he is on pace to be one of the greatest pitchers in this illustrious franchise’s history.”

Verlander, for his part, said on Twitter that “I love this city & the fans - couldn’t be more excited to spend my career here! We’re going to bring a World Series to Detroit!!!”

Posey, meanwhile, signed an eight-year contract extension with the San Francisco Giants that guarantees him $167 million through 2021.

Friday’s deal includes a club option for 2022 that could raise the total salary outlay to $186 million over 10 years.

Posey was the 2012 National League Most Valuable Player and a key part of the San Francisco Giants’ only two World Series titles: in 2010 and 2012.

In just 308 games as a big-league player, the 26-year-old Posey has cemented his status as one of baseball’s elite talents.

He took NL Rookie of the Year honors in 2010 on the strength of his .305 batting average and solid play behind the plate.

After breaking his leg in a violent home-plate collision with a base runner in May 2011 and missing most of that season, he came back to hit .336 and drive in 103 runs last year.

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NHMC: Hollywood Needs More Minority TV Writers

NHMC: Hollywood Needs More Minority TV Writers

Photo: Hollywood

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The National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC) commends the Writers Guild of America, West (WGAW) on the release of its 2013 TV Staffing Brief.

Among the WGAW findings regarding the 2011-12 television season:

    - 83.7 percent of the television writers were white; 6.5 percent were African American; 4 percent were Latino; 3.9 percent were Asian American; and 0.3 percent were Native American
    - U.S. Latinos were underrepresented by a factor of 4 to 1
    - 10 percent of TV shows had no female writers and nearly a third had no minority writers
    - Of the 454 executive producers working on the 190 shows examined, 344 were white males (75.8 percent). Women were underrepresented by a factor of more than 2 to 1 among the writers who run television shows. People of color were underrepresented by a factor of nearly 5 to 1

To counteract these troubling trends, NHMC commends the WGAW’s Diversity Department for developing programs such as the Writer Access Project (WAP) that increase employment opportunities for diverse writers in television. WGAW’s sincere commitment to increasing diversity at the writers’ table is laudable.

“Unfortunately, I cannot say that I am surprised by the numbers released by WGAW. Although NHMC has seen incremental progress regarding to Latino writers, we are clearly not where we need to be. The lack of diversity in this industry makes it much less likely that authentic, multi-dimensional stories will be told, if at all. As a result, depictions of people of color are often based on stereotypes and misinformation that can be harmful to our children as well as to the rest of our nation,” said Alex Nogales, President & CEO of NHMC.

“To remedy this we need and deserve a multi-ethnic perspective. As the demographics of this country continue to change, the television industry must keep up,” said Nogales.

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Hispanics of NASA Tell Youth: Follow Your Dreams

Hispanics of NASA Tell Youth: Follow Your Dreams

Photo: Hispanics of NASA Tell Youth: Follow Your Dreams

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NASA’s Michela Muñoz Fernandez and Erika Podest urged young people to pursue their dreams, however difficult they might seem, since it was their own persistence that won them careers in the space agency.

“If you have a dream you’re set on, nothing is impossible. Neither of us are from the United States, we come from far away, but I think if you’re determined to get something you want, everything is possible,” Muñoz said.

Podest, an earth science specialist, and Muñoz, a researcher and systems engineer, shared their NASA experiences on the first Google+ Hangout in Spanish organized by the space agency, which seeks closer ties with the Hispanic community.

Have good training, specific goals and family support was the advice they gave students and their parents who followed the conference live.

“Parental support is really vital for motivating youngsters to get ahead in areas they like,” said Podest, for whom her mother was always “the motivating force in my life and who has always urged me to follow my dreams.”

Podest confessed she also had other models among Latin American space pioneers like Costa-Rica born Frank Chang-Diaz, one of the astronauts with the most missions and hours in outer space in history.

The Panamanian’s work in the earth sciences division at Jet Propulsion Laboratory includes a project using data from satellites to study ecosystems of the Amazonian wetlands, for the purpose of better understanding their contribution to the global carbon cycle.

Muñoz is part of the Juno mission, which was launched in 2012 and is scheduled to reach Jupiter in 2016.

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Spain’s Ferrer Beats Haas, Advances to 1st Miami Final

Spain’s Ferrer Beats Haas, Advances to 1st Miami Final

Photo: Spain's Ferrer Beats Haas, Advances to 1st Miami Final

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Spain’s David Ferrer rallied from a set down to overcome fellow ATP Tour veteran Tommy Haas 4-6, 6-2, 6-3 on Friday afternoon and book a spot in the final of the Sony Open in Miami.

The Spaniard was not at his highest level throughout the semifinal contest but he took advantage of the German’s inconsistency to claim victory in just over two hours and claim his first-ever berth in the championship match of this elite hard-court event.

In the first set, Haas showed the form that propelled him to a stunning upset of world No. 1 Novak Djokovic earlier in the week, breaking Ferrer’s serve in the fifth game and again in the seventh.

Ferrer improved in the second set, however, and also benefited from a lack of patience on the part of his 34-year-old opponent, whose error count rose quickly.

The final set began with three consecutive service breaks before Haas finally held for a 3-1 lead.

The German would not win another game, however, as the 30-year-old world No. 5 proved more solid in the players’ punishing baseline rallies.

Next up for Ferrer in Sunday’s final will be the winner of Friday’s night match between France’s Richard Gasquet and Britain’s Andy Murray.

Ferrer holds an 8-1 career head-to-head advantage over the Frenchman but has not fared as well against Murray, losing six of their 11 encounters and five of six on hard courts.

In Saturday’s women’s final, Russian world No. 2 Maria Sharapova will square off against American world No. 1 Serena Williams.

The Sony Open is one of the biggest hard-court events on the ATP and WTA calendars.

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Lawmakers Fighting Over Guest-Workers Portion of Immigration Bill

Lawmakers Fighting Over Guest-Workers Portion of Immigration Bill

Photo: Migrant workers

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Differences over the size and details of a guest-worker program are the major obstacle to a bipartisan accord on immigration reform, The Washington Post reported.

Republicans, allied with the business community, want to see up to 400,000 visas a year issued to foreigners willing to fill mainly low-paying positions.

Labor unions and many Democrats say the maximum number of guest-worker visas per year should be closer to 10,000 and that the foreign workers should receive higher pay and have the opportunity to remain in the United States and apply for citizenship, The Post said.

In an interview this week with Telemundo, President Barack Obama rejected the idea that the dispute over guest-workers threatens to derail the Senate negotiations on immigration reform.

“I don’t agree that it’s threatening to doom the legislation,” the president told the Spanish-language network.

The last attempt to get immigration reform through Congress, in 2007, foundered due to a lack of consensus on how to regulate the future flow of immigrants.

Now, according to The Washington Post, the plan by a bipartisan group of eight senators to present a draft reform bill next month could be complicated by arguments about the guest-worker program.

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Can You Fall in Love With Someone Through Online Dating?

Can You Fall in Love With Someone Through Online Dating?

Photo: Can You Fall in Love With Someone Through Online Dating?

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The Internet has changed the world in a number of ways; not only are people able to access unlimited resources of knowledge in a manner of seconds, but they are also able to connect with other individuals who are sometimes thousands of miles away and even engage in online dating.

In fact, through the Internet, long distance relationships have taken on a new meaning.

But can you really fall in love with someone you have never met?

According to a report from TIME, the brain process involving what people consider to be love is very complex, and while it is a mixture of cognitive, chemical and behavioral processes, the foundation of love is the well-being sensation people develop. This pleasant feeling is associated with the release of dopamine, the chemical in the brain linked to positive reward and reinforcement.

“Love is a powerful mental state that has different manifestations, such as euphoria, loss of appetite, hyperactivity, delay of the onset of fatigue and loss of self-control,” Stephanie Cacioppo, an associate professor at the Center for Cognitive and Social Neuroscience at the University of Chicago told TIME “People who are in love with love rather than with the person would read their [online] messages as they want them to be, rather than as they really are.”

A relationship based solely on online dating rather than personal interaction can be very misleading, caution experts, which is why it is important for individuals pursuing online relationships to have some form of visual contact.

Barbara L. Frederickson, a psychology professor at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and author of the soon to be released book Love 2.0, told TIME people can detect sincerity easily—but only if they can make eye contact.

But a lack of physical or in-person contact during online dating is not necessarily a deal-breaker when it comes to love, as many people are not placing as much stock in physical appearance as once were.

It is very possible to experience feelings of love for someone you have never met, but the question then becomes, not can you fall in love online, but how risky is it to fall in love online?

Rosanna Guadagno, Ph.D. from Psychology Today conducted one of the first controlled studies looking at how people present themselves online. What she found was women tend to be more honest in presentation over the Internet compared to men, who presented themselves as more agreeable, emotionally stable and attractive than they really were.

“Clearly men know what women want and if they have a chance to meet their date online, at least those in our study were willing to deceive,” she stated in a blog about the study. “So, what is an honest online dater to do? Take time to get to know a prospective romantic partner over email. Look for inconsistencies in his or her communications. And, if attractiveness is important to you, get a lot of photographs!”

Because the majority of online dating is based on profiles, experts recommend individuals always push for a personal meeting in a public place. Only in person, or sometimes through video communication where facial reactions can be witnessed, can you tell if you are truly compatible with someone.

According to Harry Reis, Ph.D., a professor of psychology at the University of Rochester Medical Center, in Rochester, New York said in a CNN report, there is almost no substitute for spending two minutes with someone over a cup of coffee.

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Study Shows Smartphones Are Our Best Friends

Study Shows Smartphones Are Our Best Friends

Photo: Smartphones

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What do you use your Smartphone for these days? Chances are, you don’t use it to just make a phone call.

According to AFP, Smartphone users use their ‘portable computers’ for messaging, web browsing and Facebook. A study conducted by IDC revealed how people actually use their mobile phones.

“Smartphones, coupled with rich applications and mobile data services, allow us to connect with our family, friends and community from the moment we wake up until the end of our day,” reported IDC researchers.

The study showed that users check their Smartphones from the time they wake up until the end of the day before doing to bed. Are you one of the projected 181.4 million Smartphone users to do this? That is half of the U.S. population, and in four years the number of Smartphone owners could climb to 222.4 million.

Smartphones today have become our best friend—not Lisa who you’ve known for 12 years, or your old friend Bob from high school. We often spend more time with our Smartphones than we do with family or friends. In fact, 63 percent of Smartphone owners have it by their side for all but one hour during the day, reports CIO Today.

While texting and email are the main functions of Smartphones, it’s social media and the need to always be connected that keep our 10 inch buddy by our side. On average, users check Facebook 13.8 times a day at 2.22 minutes per check, reports Mashable.

“Rather than feeling overwhelmed by it, we enjoy and value this increased social connectedness,” said IDC researchers.

Hold on though, people still do use their SmartPHONEs to call people, albeit sparingly. A low 16 percent of owners use their Smartphone to make a phone call.

Does this sound familiar to anybody?

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7 Gunned Down in Northern Mexico

Seven people were fatally shot early Friday at a bar in the northern Mexican city of Chihuahua, authorities said.

The rifle-toting assailant entered the Mogavi bar in the wee hours and began shooting indiscriminately, a source in the Chihuahua police department told Efe.

Four male patrons and three female employees were killed and two other people were wounded, the source said.

The shooter fled the scene and remains at large. Authorities said they have no information on a motive for the bloodbath.

The Mogavi is located in the city center, not far from municipal police headquarters.

Chihuahua state, which borders Texas, is one of the most violent regions in Mexico, thanks largely to a brutal territorial struggle between rival drug cartels.

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Chilean Youths Battle Police at Activist Remembrance Day

Chilean Youths Battle Police at Activist Remembrance Day

Photo: Chilean Youths Battle Police at Activist Remembrance Day

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Groups of youths in this capital and other Chilean cities battled with police early Friday on the annual Day of the Young Combatant, which commemorates the killing of two activists by the 1973-1990 Pinochet regime.

Twenty-two people were arrested in Santiago and four others in the northern city of Iquique, while one police officer suffered injuries after he was pelted with rocks, authorities said.

Disturbances began late Thursday in poor neighborhoods of the capital as masked youths raised barricades, burned vehicles and fired guns.

Police responded with tear gas and water cannon.

The Day of the Young Combatant marks the deaths of brothers Rafael and Eduardo Vergara Toledo, leftist militants killed by the security forces on March 29, 1985, during a protest in Santiago’s Villa Francia neighborhood against Gen. Augusto Pinochet’s rule.

Recent years have witnessed an increase in the number of violent incidents associated with the anniversary.

Additional police were deployed in Santiago neighborhoods that are often trouble spots on the Day of the Young Combatant and the extra cops will remain on the streets through Saturday.

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Chilean Miners Protest Co-worker’s Death, Halting Production

A group of workers have barred access to Chilean state copper giant Codelco’s Radomiro Tomic mine to protest a machinist’s death five days ago, an incident the company says was “accidental.”

Erwin Mascayano, who heads the union at Radomiro Tomic, told reporters that the worker died as a result of poor conditions inside the mine and called for the resignation of division head Francisco Carvajal.

“This job action is indefinite and we’re not moving until that decision is adopted,” the labor leader said.

Workers have blocked off access to the mine, located near the northern city of Calama, for more than 24 hours.

Nelson Barria, a 37-year-old machine operator, died at the mine as a result of a cave-in.

Mascayano said Codelco may not be directly responsible for the death but stressed that the safety conditions and the pressure management has exerted on miners were bound to result in an accident.

“We spoke about it at one time with management but the necessary measures weren’t taken,” the union leader said, adding that more than 300 workers support the protest.

Radomiro Tomic, located 1,600 kilometers (995 miles) north of Santiago and 3,000 meters (9,840 feet) above sea level in the Andes mountains, is an open-pit mine from which oxide minerals are extracted.

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