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WednesdayDecember 5, 2012

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To reflect the dynamic interests of our audience, Latino Daily News is an online daily news source and virtual cultural center for and about Latinos. We offer the latest news headlines, as well as innovative and insightful Hispanic current events stories, photos, videos, and commentaries from a Latino perspective, 24/7.

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57 Percent Support Citizenship for Undocumented Immigrants, Says Survey

57 Percent Support Citizenship for Undocumented Immigrants, Says Survey

Photo: Citizenship for Immigrants

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Fifty-seven percent of registered U.S. voters support the idea of allowing undocumented immigrants to apply for citizenship, according to a survey released Wednesday by Quinnipiac University in Connecticut.

The telephone survey, conducted among 1,949 registered voters all across the country between Nov. 28-Dec. 3, has an error margin of 2.2 percent.

In addition to the 57 percent who support allowing undocumented immigrants to apply for U.S. citizenship and the 26 percent who favor deporting them, there is a group of 11 percent of voters who say immigrants should be able to stay in the country but not have the right to apply for citizenship.

By 63 percent to 51 percent, women are more favorable than men to the idea of opening the road to citizenship for illegal immigrants. Among ethnic groups, 74 percent of African Americans back the idea, compared with 69 percent of Hispanics and 53 percent of whites.

According to the same survey, 70 percent of voters view positively the policy of Deferred Action for “DREAMers” - that is, young undocumented immigrants - undertaken by President Barack Obama and which offers a two-year postponement of deportation during which time they may obtain work permits.

Support for the measure is 65 percent among whites, while 86 percent and 81 percent, respectively, of blacks and Hispanics favor it, and the positive view of the measure has risen 15 points overall since the last Quinnipiac survey in July.

“Americans don’t want to deport undocumented people. They have some doubts about what should be the definitive solution, but they are very clear on this,” said the assistant to the director of the Quinnipiac Survey Center, Peter Brown, during the presentation.

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Venezuela and South Korea’s Samsung Working on Electronic Parts Venture

Venezuela and South Korea’s Samsung Working on Electronic Parts Venture

Photo: Venezuela and South Korea's Samsung Working on Electronic Parts Venture

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Venezuela and South Korean multinational Samsung have agreed to form a joint venture to manufacture telecommunications components, Science and Technology Minister Ricardo Menendez said.

The Venezuelan government, which will have 51 percent of the company, considers the deal a “strategic alliance” to boost Venezuelan exports of electronic parts to its partners in the Mercosur trade bloc, the minister said.

Menendez also said President Hugo Chavez has authorized lower tariffs for imported components needed to assemble the products.

“This is important because the finished products had a tariff rate lower than that of the parts (required for) assembly. By reversing this relationship, you promote the domestic assembly of telecommunications products,” the minister said.

Menendez announced in August that Samsung and companies such as French automaker Renault and Japan’s Yamaha were considering investing in Venezuela and that General Motors was planning to increase production in the South American country.

Late last month, Renault and the Venezuelan government signed a “letter of intent” for the installation of a plant to assemble several of the automaker’s models.

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Cyberattack Steals $7.5 Million From Spanish Bank Accounts

Cyberattack Steals $7.5 Million From Spanish Bank Accounts

Photo: Cyber attack

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More than 36 million euros ($47 million) were stolen earlier this year from some 30,000 bank accounts in Europe in a cyberattack dubbed “Eurograbber,” according to a report published Wednesday by two companies that focus on Internet security.

In Spain alone, the cyberthieves stole 5.8 million euros ($7.5 million) from 11,352 accountholders at seven banks, according to the report from Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. and Versafe.

The attack affected computers and cell phones between January and August of this year, Mario Garcia, general director of Check Point España, confirmed to Efe.

It was Check Point that in August reported the attack to the European police and alerted the affected banks.

Garcia explained to Efe the procedure the virus used to invade the banking system: after accessing certain links, the malware installs itself in a computer and remains inactive until the user connects online to their bank account.

It is then that the communication of the user with the bank is intercepted and replaced.

The malware, which simulates being a bank, sends a warning to the user about updating and improving online security and asks for their cell phone number, by which it also infects that device and interferes with the messages that banks send as part of the authentication process.

With the information and the transaction processing number, the cyberattackers can execute cash transfers parallel to those of the actual customer.

“If you transfer, for example, 100 euros, they can steal another such amount and you don’t see any change, either on the computer screen or on the cell phone,” Garcia said.

The amounts stolen ranged from between 500 to 250,000 euros ($650 to $327,000) and were removed from individual and corporate accounts in Italy, Spain, Germany and The Netherlands.

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“The Horrors of Methamphetamine” Ad Shows the Physical Effects of Drug

“The Horrors of Methamphetamine” Ad Shows the Physical Effects of Drug

Photo: "The Horrors of Methamphetamine" Ad Shows the Physical Effects of Drug

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When Oregon authorities realized the growing number of methamphetamine uses in their area, they created the “Faces of Meth” campaign. Eight years later Rehabs.com has created another, “The Horrors of Methamphetamine.”

Addiction touches nearly every family, ravaging physical and mental health, relationships, and personal finances. Mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters,
daughters and sons. No one is immune to the frightening long-term impact of hard drug abuse. What follows is a sobering depiction of REAL individuals
who have fallen victim to the temptation of drug use - in this case, Methamphetamine - whose devastating effects are all too apparent.

Before and After Drugs (Meth)
Before and After Drugs (Meth) via Rehabs.com

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White House Urges Congress to Consider Puerto Rico’s Statehood

White House Urges Congress to Consider Puerto Rico’s Statehood

Photo: Puerto Rico statehood

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The White House clarified its stance on the political status of Puerto Rico saying that the results of a non-binding referendum last month were clear, and it urged Congress to move forward on the matter.

“To clarify, the results were clear, the people of Puerto Rico want the issue of status resolved, and majority chose statehood in the second question,” White House spokesman Luis Miranda said in a statement.

“Now it is time for Congress to act and the administration will work with them on that effort, so that the people of Puerto Rico can determine their own future,” he said.

Puerto Ricans voted 54 percent to 46 percent to put an end to their current status as a Free Associated State of the United States.

In a second question on the referendum, the majority of those who expressed an opinion said that their preferred option for resolving the situation would be full U.S. statehood.

On Monday, White House press secretary Jay Carney said that the results of the referendum were “a little less clear than that because of the process itself.”

More than 460,000 Puerto Ricans who voted on the first status question did not respond to the second question.

Puerto Ricans had spoken at the polls on the matter in 1967, 1993 and 1998, occasions on which they were asked to choose among the options of the prevailing commonwealth arrangement, independence, statehood, a commonwealth with greater autonomy or none of the above.

In the first two votes, maintaining the commonwealth association “as is” was chosen, while in 1998 the “none of the above” option received the most support.

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Carlos Slim Facing Increased Scrutiny of Telecommunications Monopoly, Rally Planned

Carlos Slim Facing Increased Scrutiny of Telecommunications Monopoly, Rally Planned

Photo: Carlos Slim Facing Increased Scrutiny of Telecommunications Monopoly, Rally Planned

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On Thursday, December 6, hundreds of Los Angeles Latino and community leaders are joining Two Countries One Voice in a rally against the world’s richest man, Carlos Slim, 72, and calling on the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) for a full investigation of a recent merger involving Slim’s TracFone.  Two Countries One Voice is dedicated to exposing the predatory, monopolistic practices of Carlos Slim, the richest man in the world.  Recently, Slim zeroed in on California when one of his telecommunications’ companies, TracFone, acquired California-based Simple Mobile without any public hearings or review by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). Prepaid mobile providers like TracFone and Simple Mobile largely serve immigrant and working families.

The rally/protest follows a recent press conference of several state leaders including Los Angeles State Senator Kevin De Leon and State Senator Ricardo Lara for more government oversight on mergers that could harm millions of underserved Californians, which included new legislation that ensures the CPUC has the authority and discretion to review mergers involving pre-paid cell phone services when it’s in the best interest of the public.

Slim’s power and fortune is made up primarily from his monopoly on the Mexican telecommunications system, which has allegedly overcharged billions of dollars to the Mexican people, namely to the rural poor.  The welfare loss Mexico is believed to have endured is estimated at $129 billion.

According to the independent and highly respected The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Slim’s company, America Movil, which controls nearly 80% of the total Mexican cell and landlines, charges exorbitant prices and provides inadequate services. OECD’s report also shows that Slim has price-gouged Mexican customers billions of dollars for basic telephone and Internet service.  They point out that those specifically and most profoundly affected by these business practices are rural and poor communities.

When Slim’s company, TracFone, purchased California-based Simple Mobile in June 2012, the CPUC did not require hearings or scrutiny of the acquisition.  The current law does not require the CPUC to hold hearings and is prescriptive as to when the CPUC may deem additional hearings necessary in the public interest.

In the United States, Slim has four million TracFone customers participating in government phone assistance programs.  Slim has collected $10 per phone he provides to these consumers, totaling a minimum of $38 million in U.S. federal subsidies this year alone. Yet, TracFone refuses to pay its share of the public services fee that funds California’s programs for the poor.  By some conservative estimates, TracFone may be liable for $13 million in unpaid fees and additional penalties to the CPUC.

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Chicago Judge Rules Suit Against Immigration Detailers May Proceed

Chicago Judge Rules Suit Against Immigration Detailers May Proceed

Photo: Immigration detention center

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A federal judge in Chicago ruled Tuesday that a lawsuit filed by the Heartland Alliance’s National Immigrant Justice Center against the government’s use of immigration detainers may proceed.

U.S. District Judge John Z. Lee ruled that the plaintiffs, including U.S. citizen Jose Jimenez Moreno, may sue the government, the NIJC said in a statement.

The NIJC said that the case may expand to become a class-action suit on behalf of thousands of people who were unjustly held in prison and placed at the disposition of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Jimenez Moreno, 34, was mistakenly held for six months in jail in Winnebago County, Illinois, on suspicion of being an undocumented immigrant.

Another U.S. citizen claims to have been held for almost a year in a maximum security prison without ICE agents investigating his legal status.

The suit questions the procedure of allowing presumed undocumented immigrants to be held in jail beyond the period established by judges and prosecutors within which their immigration status must be verified.

It says that these ICE procedures, with the cooperation of local law enforcement agencies, are “illegal and unconstitutional.”

“This is an important ruling that overcomes a significant obstacle that advocates around the nation have faced as we try to hold the government accountable for its unconstitutional use of immigration detainers,” NIJC National Litigation Coordinator Mark Fleming said.

“The government cannot simply cancel wrongful detainers in order to duck legal action that challenges this practice,” he said.

The NIJC says that the detainers are a key component of the Secure Communities program that would facilitate thousands of annual deportations of undocumented foreigners arrested for minor crimes.

According to information obtained by the center, the Department of Homeland Security issued 271,000 detainers during fiscal year 2009 and more than 201,000 in the first 11 months of fiscal 2010.

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The Voice Season 3: Team Adam Hit with Double Elimination

The Voice Season 3: Team Adam Hit with Double Elimination

Photo: The Voice Season 3: Team Adam Hit with Double Elimination

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On Tuesday’s live show, season three of NBC’s The Voice saw two people go home, and one team took a big hit.

With just six contestants left, the singers gave their all Monday night, but the performances of those on Team Adam would prove to not be enough to stay in the game.

Tuesday night Melanie Martinez and Amanda Brown were eliminated. With his only two remaining singers gone, coach Adam Levine is out of the competition and joins fellow coach Christina Aguilera on the sidelines. Aguilera’s final singer, Dez Duron, was eliminated last week.

ImageMelanie Martinez, the 16-year-old high schooler with the unique style and voice was the final Latina in the competition.

Coaches Blake Shelton and CeeLo Green are still in the competition with two singers.

Team Blake

-Terry McDermott
- Cassadee Pope

Team CeeLo

-Trevin Hunt
-Nicholas David

Before she was eliminated, Melanie and Nicholas performed Fiona Apple’s “Criminal”. It would turn out to be her last time singing on The Voice. Watch it below.

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Lost in Translation: Misquoted Tweet has Mexicans Angry with Boy George

Lost in Translation: Misquoted Tweet has Mexicans Angry with Boy George

Photo: Lost in Translation: Misquoted Tweet has Mexicans Angry with Boy George

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On Tuesday, former Culture Club singer Boy George tweeted about Mexico’s new president Enrique Peña Nieto, but a terrible translation of the singer’s tweet has garnered him a lot of hate.

George’s tweet, which appears to have been taken down now, read:

Mexico has a hot new president and I hope he is good for the country.

Something was lost in translation, however, and that tweet was incorrectly translated and George was misquoted as saying, “So the Mexican president is a tyrant. Well, if that’s true Mexico needs good wishes.”

That is clearly very different from what he actually said, but the damage was done and George was bombarded with nasty hate-riddled tweets from a number of angry Mexicans.

George later said he would be “blocking anyone who annoys me by calling me ‘racist’ or mentioning ‘presidents!” It just so happened that most of those he blocked were Mexican, which led to accusations that he’s racist.

A rep for the English singer told TMZ George “has no political motivation or even knows anything about the candidates involved of their history it was simply a good luck to the whole country.”

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Spanish and Latin American Businesses Make Investment Pitches to Chinese Companies

Companies, investment promotion agencies and diplomats from more than 140 countries, among them Spain and several from Latin America, attended the fourth edition of the China Overseas Investment Fair.

The fair wrapped up on Tuesday in Beijing.

This edition had delegations from Mexico, Uruguay, Colombia, Argentina, Ecuador, Peru and Chile, as well as one from the Spanish region of Catalonia.

The event’s executive secretary for organization, Wang Hongtao, told Efe that the fair’s objective is “to establish a platform for communication among all the parties” and he particularly emphasized the growing importance of Latin American nations in the world.

“These countries did not suffer so directly the impact of the world economic and financial crisis, and we observe that they are more proactive in investment than other countries from Africa, Asia, Europe and North America,” Wang said.

After speaking before about 100 of the fair attendees, the investment advisor of Proexport Colombia, Estela Sun, told Efe that the “hottest” sectors for investment are the traditional ones such as energy, mining and infrastructure.

“However, we’ve also noted a certain interest in industries with greater value added, like the automobile industry, petroleum ... or services,” she said.

Regarding the Spanish representation at the fair, she emphasized the presence of the organization Invest in Catalonia, which seeks to attract investors for assorted sectors, including the automotive sector, pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology and agriculture.

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NARCO BLOG:  Beauty Queen Shot at Mexican Soldiers Before Being Shot Dead

NARCO BLOG:  Beauty Queen Shot at Mexican Soldiers Before Being Shot Dead

Photo: Mexican Beauty Queen Maria Susana Flores Shot Dead

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A Mexican prosecutor said beauty queen Maria Susana Flores Gamez fired at army soldiers before she was killed in an armed clash last month in the northwestern state of Sinaloa.

The delegate of the federal Attorney General’s Office in Sinaloa, Enrique Feregrino Taboada, told reporters Tuesday that a gunshot residue examination conducted on the 22-year-old woman’s body turned up positive.

He said the investigation was continuing into four people detained in the wake of the Nov. 24 clash, which took place in the town of Mocorito and pitted the soldiers against a cell of the Sinaloa cartel.

The shootout occurred when the troops came under fire by a group armed assailants while patrolling the area and repelled the aggression.

Two soldiers and a civilian who was driving in the area at the time of the shootout also died in the exchange of gunfire.

A man identified as Orzo Ivan Gastelum, suspected leader of the criminal cell and apparently Flores’ boyfriend, managed to escape during the firefight.

Authorities conducted the sodium rhodizonate test - used to detect the presence of gunshot residue - on the young woman after an AK-47 rifle was found next to her body following the shootout.

Flores won the Sinaloa Woman contest and competed in the Our Sinaloa Beauty contest, which she did not win.

This is not the first time that a Mexican beauty queen has been linked to drug traffickers.

Laura Elena Zuñiga, who won Our Sinaloa Beauty in 2008, was arrested along with seven men on firearms and money laundering charges on Dec. 23, 2008, in Zapopan, a city in the western state of Jalisco.

The beauty queen was released a few weeks later because prosecutors could not find sufficient evidence to put her on trial.

Zuñiga’s story inspired director Gerardo Naranjo’s 2011 film “Miss Bala.”

Journalist and writer Javier Valdez told Efe in an interview late last month that links between drug kingpins and beauty queens are a constant in Mexico, noting that young women are sought out by criminals in schools and on the street.

Sinaloa is home to the drug cartel led by notorious fugitive Joaquin “El Chapo” (Shorty) Guzman, but other criminal organizations, including the Los Zetas and Beltran Leyva cartels, also operate in the area.

The Sinaloa cartel, sometimes referred to by officials as the Pacific cartel, is the oldest drug mob in Mexico.

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Two Mexicans Charged In Death of Coast Guard Chief Petty Officer

Two Mexicans Charged In Death of Coast Guard Chief Petty Officer

Photo: Two Mexicans Charged In Death of Coast Guard Chief Petty Officer

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U.S. federal prosecutors in Los Angeles filed charges against two Mexicans for the death of a Coast Guard petty officer in a confrontation at sea.

Chief Petty Officer Terrell Horne III, 34, died of a head injury after the Mexicans rammed a Coast Guard craft that intercepted their boat near California’s Santa Cruz Island.

After the crash, the Mexicans tried to flee in their boat, but the Coast Guard later managed to capture them.

Jose Meija-Leyva, who identified himself to authorities as the captain of the boat, and Manuel Beltran-Higuera are being held without bail.

Prosecutors said the operation began in the early hours of Sunday when a Coast Guard airplane identified a suspicious boat about a mile from Santa Cruz Island, west of Los Angeles.

Members of the patrol intercepted the boat, after which they received information that another suspicious boat was also in the area. Horne and three comrades left the cutter Halibut in a rigid inflatable boat to investigate the second vessel.

When they approached within 30 feet of the launch, after turning on their lights and identifying themselves, the boat rammed the Coast Guard craft, knocking Horne and a companion into the water.

Horne suffered a serious head injury caused by a propeller and was declared dead on the dock at Port Hueneme.

The two Mexicans said that in Ensenada, Mexico, they had been offered $3,000 to take gasoline to another boat in the area where they were captured.

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Software Billionaire McAfee Looks to Guatemala for Political Exile

Software Billionaire McAfee Looks to Guatemala for Political Exile

Photo: John McAfee

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The millionaire creator of the McAfee antivirus, John McAfee, is “safe and sound” in Guatemala, a country where he will seek political exile because he considers himself “persecuted by the Belize government,” his attorney told Efe Tuesday.

“We’re asking for political exile in Guatemala because he is a political refugee from the Belize government, which accuses him in an abusive, illegal way of something he never committed,” Telesforo Guerra said.

The 67-year-old McAfee is accused in Belize of murdering a neighbor.

Accompanied by 20-year-old Belizean girlfriend Sam Vanegas, McAfee put up at an exclusive hotel on the southeast side of the Guatemalan capital, but left hours later to “seek the protection of a safer place.”

According to Guerra, political exile for his client in Guatemala “is completely possible and applicable,” since the software mogul can prove he is a political refugee from the Belize government, which he had “financed and aided for a long time.”

“Since (McAfee) was no longer giving them money, they persecute him and charge him with a crime he never committed,” the attorney said.

Belize authorities have said they only plan to question McAfee to determine his possible implication in the murder two weeks ago of the American Gregory Faull, his neighbor in the town of Ambergris Caye.

A spokesperson for the Guatemalan Interior Ministry told Efe that “for now” he has no official information about McAfee’s presence in Guatemala nor whether he has made contact with the authorities.

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Man Murdered For $500 Shocks Puerto Rico

Man Murdered For $500 Shocks Puerto Rico

Photo: Jose Enrique Gomez Saladin

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Puerto Ricans are shocked by the death of a man murdered after his killers forced him to withdraw $500 from several ATMs in the San Juan suburb of Caguas.

Every newspaper on the island is carrying on its front page the case of advertising agent Jose Enrique Gomez Saladin, who disappeared last Thursday night after taking part in a business meeting in the capital’s Condado district.

Gomez Saladin was killed, according to preliminary reports, in the wee hours of Friday, shortly after being kidnapped and forced to withdraw cash from several ATMs.

Police Col. Leovigildo Vazquez reported Tuesday that two suspects are being questioned in connection with the man’s murder.

He said that there are two additional suspects who are being sought by police and, according to media accounts, they may be women who possibly tricked the victim in some way.

Vazquez emphasized the importance of the wide distribution of the photograph of the first suspect, which was taken by an ATM security camera.

It was the mother of the criminal who was photographed who turned her own son in to authorities.

Gomez Saladin’s body was found after one of the two suspects in his disappearance confessed.

It is expected that on Tuesday San Juan district attorney Jose Capo will meet with FBI agents to determine if the case will be handed over to the federal bureau.

The death of Gomez Saladin and the murder of retired boxing champion Hector “Macho” Camacho a little over a week ago have once again brought the problem of violence on the streets of the Caribbean island to the forefront of public discussion.

The United Nations in 2011 published a study on homicides around the world that said Puerto Rico has a murder rate of 30.5 per 100,000 residents, compared to approximately 5 per 100,000 for the United States.

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WednesdayDecember 5, 2012