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FridayOctober 26, 2012

Latino Daily News: Bringing You the Latest Hispanic Current Events and News Stories 24/7

To reflect the dynamic interests of our audience, Latino Daily News is an online daily news source and virtual cultural center for and about Latinos. We offer the latest news headlines, as well as innovative and insightful Hispanic current events stories, photos, videos, and commentaries from a Latino perspective, 24/7.

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After Armstrong’s Doping Charges, No Tour de France Winner from 1999-2005

After Armstrong’s Doping Charges, No Tour de France Winner from 1999-2005

Photo: Lance Armstrong

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The International Cycling Union, or UCI, decided Friday that the 1999-2005 Tour de France titles stripped from American cyclist Lance Armstrong for doping and providing performance-enhancing drugs to his teammates will not be awarded to the second-place finishers of those races.

“(T)he Management Committee decided not to award victories to any other rider or upgrade other placings in any of the affected events,” the UCI said in a statement.

“The UCI Management Committee acknowledged that a cloud of suspicion would remain hanging over this dark period - but while this might appear harsh for those who rode clean, they would understand there was little honor to be gained in reallocating places,” the statement continued.

The UCI, which on Monday formally stripped Armstrong of the 1999-2005 titles and banned him from the sport for life, also called for Armstrong and the other cyclists implicated in his case to return the prize money they won in those Tours.

The UCI’s board also decided “to apply this ruling from now on to any competitive sporting results disqualified due to doping for the period from 1998 to 2005.”

On Monday, the UCI ratified the findings of the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency’s 202-page report on the doping case, agreeing that all of Armstrong’s cycling exploits after August 1998 should be expunged from the record.

The Management Committee decided Friday to create an independent external commission to investigate the Armstrong case “in order to ensure that UCI and cycling could move forward with the confidence of all parties.”

Armstrong has categorically denied the accusations, based, according to the USADA, on evidence provided by “numerous witnesses” who said they had either personally observed Armstrong’s “doping activity” or learned directly from the cyclist about his use of “EPO, blood transfusions, testosterone and cortisone during the period from before 1998 through 2005.”

A cancer survivor who is regarded as one of the all-time greatest road cyclists, Armstrong issued a statement on his Web site in August after choosing not to appear before a USADA arbitration panel to respond to the doping charges.

“There comes a point in every man’s life when he has to say, ‘enough is enough.’ For me, that time is now. I have been dealing with claims that I cheated and had an unfair advantage in winning my seven Tours since 1999,” the statement read.

“The only physical evidence here is the hundreds of controls I have passed with flying colors,” Armstrong said on Aug. 23.

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Pitbull- Don’t Stop The Party (Video)

Pitbull- Don’t Stop The Party (Video)

Photo: Pitbull - Don't Stop the Party

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Pitbull keeps the party rocking on the latest single off his forthcoming Global Warming LP.

Leave it to Mr. 305 to drop another club-smashin track.

Happy Friday!

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San Fran Giants Lead World Series 2-0

San Fran Giants Lead World Series 2-0

Photo: San Fran Giants Lead World Series 2-0

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The San Francisco Giants took a two-game World Series lead over the Detroit Tigers thanks to a strong outing by starter Madison Bumgarner and timely hitting in the late innings.

Bumgarner shut out the Tigers’ batters for seven innings Thursday evening, giving up just two hits and benefiting from base running miscues, while the Giants’ bats came alive late to propel them to 2-0 win.

Detroit mounted its biggest threat in the top of the second when Bumgarner hit first baseman Prince Fielder on the arm with a pitch and then left fielder Delmon Young stroked a double into left field.

The Giants’ fielders, however, executed perfectly and Fielder was called out at home on a close play at the plate. Bumgarner then escaped danger by retiring the next two batters.

The Tigers’ starter, Doug Fister, was just as dominant through six innings, but he was taken out after giving up a lead-off single in the bottom of the seventh.

Drew Smyly relieved him and he promptly loaded the bases by giving up a walk and a bunt single. The first run of the game then scored when right fielder Hunter Pence crossed the plate after shortstop Brandon Crawford grounded into a double play.

Pence also played a role in the Giants’ second run, knocking in center fielder Angel Pagan with a sacrifice fly.

Fister survived a scary moment in the bottom of the second, when a line drive off the bat of left fielder Gregor Blanco glanced off his head and went into center field for a single.

The Tigers’ trainers checked on the pitcher but he stayed in the game and seemed unfazed. In the end, however, he was just not quite as good as the Giants’ starter.

“It definitely feels a whole lot better than having our backs against the wall,” Bumgarner said of his team’s 2-0 Series lead. “But you can’t relax. We’ve got to keep pushing.”

Game 3 will be played in Detroit and feature a pitching matchup of the Giants’ Ryan Vogelsong versus the Tigers’ Anibal Sanchez.

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Atletico Madrid Launches Campaign to Make Falcao FIFA’s Player of the Year

Atletico Madrid Launches Campaign to Make Falcao FIFA’s Player of the Year

Photo: Radamel Falcao (A.G.)

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Atletico Madrid has launched a campaign promoting Colombian striker Radamel Falcao’s bid to become the 2012 FIFA world player of the year.

The Spanish soccer club uploaded a video Friday in support of the player on its Web site and also created the hashtag #UnTigreDeOro for use on social-networking sites, a reference to the player’s nickname “El Tigre” (The Tiger).

The video contains footage outside Vicente Calderon Stadium in which parking signs bear the image of a tiger’s head, while the background music is Chiara Mastroianni’s version of Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger,” the theme song for the 1982 movie “Rocky III.”

Atletico Madrid notes on its Web site that Falcao has scored in 10 consecutive matches with the Spanish first-division club and with the Colombian national team, “a spectacular mark of 16 goals in those 10 contests.”

This current stretch combined with his status as the top goal scorer of the UEFA Europa League the past two seasons, his outstanding performances in the 2012 Europa League final against Athletic Bilbao and this year’s UEFA Super Cup final against Chelsea “make him an indisputable candidate” for the FIFA world player of the year, the club said.

It also urged fans to show their appreciation Sunday, during Atletico Madrid’s Spanish league match against Osasuna, for Falcao and the team’s 21-game unbeaten streak.

Argentine superstar Lionel Messi, a striker for FC Barcelona, was named the FIFA world player of the year from 2009-2011.

A list of 23 male candidates for this year’s award will be revealed on Oct. 29.

Watch Atletico Madrid’s video here:

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Chilean Photographer Captures Detroit’s Struggle Over Last 20 Years

Chilean Photographer Captures Detroit’s Struggle Over Last 20 Years

Photo: Camilo Vergara

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The place Chilean-born photographer Camilo Vergara calls home when he visits Detroit is a 1920s office building with a mattress on the floor and expansive views of a city that is wounded, but fighting to reinvent itself.

From his more than 50 trips to the Motor City since 1991 came the material and the inspiration for the photo exhibit “Detroit Is No Dry Bones,” now at the National Building Museum in Washington.

Detroit, which has lost 60 percent of its population over the last five decades of industrial decline, is one of the poorest and most crime-ridden cities in the United States.Image

The decay was what led Vergara, now 68, to make multiple pilgrimages to Motown with a mission to photograph “buildings that were the glory of the United States and have become the glorious ruins of the country,” he said in an interview with Efe.

From its peak in the 1950s, when its auto plants were humming and skyscrapers went up in rapid succession, Detroit’s fall has been seemingly unstoppable.

Vergara’s photos include images of a giant train station with shattered windows, a 4,000-seat movie theater turned into a parking lot, factories overgrown with weeds, hospitals without patients and abandoned homes.

The city’s population has shrunk from nearly 2 million to just over 700,000, with most of the losses coming between 2000 and 2010.

Detroit’s unemployment rate soared to 27 percent in 2009 - the year General Motors and Chrysler required government bailouts - and remains at 19 percent, about 2 1/2 times the national average.

“It is the Detroit of the ruins, where the house is falling down, where they don’t pick up the garbage, where the buses don’t run, the hubcaps are stolen off cars,” Vergara says.

“But that lives alongside the other Detroit,” the place of hope, he adds. “It’s people who come to Detroit ... ambitious, intelligent, who are very interested in creating inside the city, they want to make real their ideals and utopias.”

More of Camilo Vergara’s “Detroit Is No Dry Bones:”

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LATINO BLOTTER: NYPD Officer Plotted to Kidnap, Torture, Rape, and Cook Women

LATINO BLOTTER: NYPD Officer Plotted to Kidnap, Torture, Rape, and Cook Women

Photo: LATINO BLOTTER: NYPD Officer Plotted to Kidnap, Torture, Rape, and Cook Women

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

A 6-year veteran of the New York Police Department has been charged with a slew of charges involved in his plan to kidnap and cook women, including his girlfriend.

Though he never managed to go through with his plans, Officer Gilberto Valle, 28, of Forest Hills, Queens was planning to kidnap, torture, rape, and cook as many as 100 women.

Described as quiet by his neighbors Valle was secretly using a federal database to make a list of his potential victims. He also planned to sell the information.

Valle also offered to use chloroform to help buyers kidnap women for $5,000.

In one interaction with like-minded would-be kidnappers, police has documents stating Valle wrote:

It is going to be so hard to restrain myself when I knock her out, but I am aspiring to be a professional kidnapper and that’s business. But I will really get off on knocking her out, tying up her hands and bare feet and gagging her. Then she will be stuffed into a large piece of luggage and wheeled out to my van.

In another encounter with an unnamed co-conspirator in July, Valle was asked how big his oven is, to which he responded:


Big enough to fit one of these girls if I folded their legs…The abduction will have to flawless..I know all of them. I can just show up at her house unannounced, it will not alert her, and I can knock her out, wait until dark and kidnap her right out of her home.

Valle was suspended from the 26th precinct in upper Manhatten without pay on Wednesday.

The wannabe cannibal was arrested after an FBI investigation sparked by his estranged wife, Kathleen Cooke Mangan. Mangan is the mother of Valle’s daughter, and reported left him and the state after finding “weird stuff” on his computer. After her find in September, Mangan contacted authorities who then began an investigation with cooperation with the NYPD. 

Federal agents would go on to find a document Valle had titled “Abducting and Cooking: A Blueprint” and also found he had downloaded a chloroform recipe.

Valle has been denied bail by Manhattan federal court Magistrate Judge Henry Pitman noting the federal complaint described “unspeakable” and profoundly disturbing” conduct.

He is charged with one count of conspiracy to commit kidnapping and one count of illegally accessing and getting information from the National Crime Information Center database.

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Thalia Partners with Pampers to Preserve Latino Culture Through Music

Thalia Partners with Pampers to Preserve Latino Culture Through Music

Photo: Thalia at the Pampers Event

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Mexican singer Thalia unveiled in Miami the new online forum “Mi Musica, Mi Herencia” (My Music, My Heritage), designed to help Hispanic parents preserve Latino culture for their families through music.

The project, sponsored by the diapers brand Pampers, was launched with a special concert Thursday for young parents and expectant moms, who enjoyed a selection of all-time Latin music hits played by the Henry Mancini Orchestra at the University of Miami.

Thalia, the mother of 5-year-old Sabrina Sakäe and 18-month-old Matthew Alejandro, told Efe that being the spokeswoman of this campaign makes her happy “because for me, as a mother, what is most important is to give my kids all the best and that includes my Mexican heritage.”

The singer, who urges mothers to celebrate their culture “without losing your love for the country you’re living in,” asked the audience to upload a potpourri of musical memories onto Pampers’ Facebook page so it can be used to teach youngsters the value of Latino musical culture.

Thalia said she does the same with her kids, to whom she sings Pedro Infante songs, “which we can’t do without, plus of course mariachi and mambo, which I love.”

“My little boy loves mambo and my daughter, besides Justin Bieber, likes bachata - in our house we’re always singing,” said the artist, who has sold more than 40 million discs.

“As a singer it’s basic to preserve what I like to do, which is music, and also to remember my cradlesongs in Spanish,” Thalia told Efe in an interview, adding that at home “we only speak Spanish.”

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Eva Longoria Signs Development Deal With Universal Television

Eva Longoria Signs Development Deal With Universal Television

Photo: Eva Longoria Signs Development Deal With Universal Television

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Eva Longoria has reportedly signed a development deal with Universal Television.

According to Deadline, Longoria’s UnbeliEVAble Entertainment has signed a first-look deal that will allow her to serve as a non-writer executive producer for scripted and unscripted projects for the studio.

In a statement to WBRC Fox 6, NBC Entertainment’s President of Alternative and Late Night Programming Paul Telegdy said, ‘Having Eva Longoria on our team is a huge advantage for our Alternative program development as we have pleasantly discovered in implementing her ideas for Ready for Love, which is shaping up as a terrific and upbeat series. She is passionate, fully engaged and has keen instincts for putting together a winning formula for her shows that always bear her imprint.’

Telegdy added, ‘We know that this new agreement with Eva Longoria is significant in continuing what has already been a productive relationship. She has exceptional energy, vision, a prestigious name and the creative knack for finding compelling new concepts for our growing studio.’

This deal comes after she signed on to collaborate with Universal TV and NBC on Ready For Love.

The first episode of Ready For Love, an upcoming dating reality dating series, has matchmakers searching the country to find matches for three bachelors.

The matchmakers include professional dating coach Matthew Hussey and relationship expert Tracy McMillan. Amber Kelleher-Andrews is the third matchmaker, and she is the CEO of Kelleher International, a firm credited with matching up members of the British royal family, as well as Fortune 500 CEOs and A-list celebs.

Longoria’s show will be hosted by Bill and Giuliana Rancic.

The former Desperate Housewives could probably use a little matchmaker herself, as she and New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez recently broke up.

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After Bullying, Girl Tweets “I Give Up,” Then Jumps in Front of Train

After Bullying, Girl Tweets “I Give Up,” Then Jumps in Front of Train

Photo: After Bullying, Girl Tweets "I Give Up," Then Jumps in Front of Train

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A 15-year-old New York girl is dead after feeling hopeless following bullying at school.

Felicia Garcia jumped in front of a train after rumors were spread around school that she had had sex with four football players at a party after a recent game. She had also found out the sexual encounter had been recorded.

As the train arrived at the Staten Island train station on Huguenot Ave. on Wednesday afternoon, a 16-year-old classmate from Tottenville High School told the New York Daily News she heard Garcia say, “Finally, it’s here.” Moments later, Garcia handed her phone to a friend and jumped in front of the train, ending her life. At the time, roughly 200 students were on the platform.

Though the recent bullying was believed to be the final straw, Garcia’s life had not be easy before the harassment began. Her parents died when she was young, and after running away from her aunt’s house, she entered the foster care system, moving from house to house and often running away.

On Wednesday, a mediation was held at the school with Garcia and one of the 17-year-old boys she reportedly had sex with. The boy denied any bullying and she left the mediation, Garcia ran into the other 17-year-old boy and words were exchanged but no one is divulging what was said.

At a vigil Thursday night, classmates gathered at the train station. According to the Daily News, during the vigil, someone yelled, “F*ck the football team!”

Some of the players have taken to social media in defense of the team however, one sophomore quarterback telling people to “mind your business.”

Police are questioning the students accused of bullying Garcia and are questioning the four football players with whom she reportedly had sex. They are said to be 15- and 16-year-old boys.

A crisis team has been sent to Tottenville High School by the New York Department of Education.

On Monday, Garcia posted a now-haunting message on Twitter:


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ICE Returns More than 4,000 Stolen Artifacts to Mexico

ICE Returns More than 4,000 Stolen Artifacts to Mexico

Photo: ICE Returns More than 4,000 Stolen Artifacts to Mexico

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U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) returned more than 4,000 pieces of stolen and looted cultural artifacts to the government of Mexico at a repatriation ceremony today at the Consulate of Mexico in El Paso, Texas.

The items were recovered in 11 separate investigations by special agents of ICE’s Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) in Douglas, Ariz.; San Diego, Calif.; Chicago; Kalispell, Mont.; Alpine, Del Rio and Laredo, Texas; and one in Mexico City, in coordination with Mexican law enforcement agencies.

Among the archeological pieces returned to the people of Mexico are the following: five pre-Columbian statues, more than 4,000 pre-Columbian artifacts and 26 pieces of pre-Columbian pottery that date back more than 1,500 years. The return of this cultural property is the culmination of HSI undercover and sting operations with assistance from U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), who interdicted many of these items at various ports of entry.

“The plundering of cultural property is one of the oldest forms of organized cross-border crime and has become a worldwide phenomenon that transcends frontiers,” said HSI Assistant Director Janice Ayala. “The teamwork and cooperation that exists between ICE’s Homeland Security Investigations and our Mexican law enforcement counterparts, as well as with U.S. federal, local and state law enforcement agencies made it possible for us to secure these cultural artifacts and to ensure that they are returned to the government of Mexico. HSI will remain committed to combating the looting and trafficking of Mexico’s cultural treasures.”

Consul General of Mexico Jacob Prado stated, “The restitution to Mexico of more than 4,000 archaeological pieces, which were seized by ICE’s Homeland Security Investigations special agents, is proof of the excellent collaboration that exists between Mexico and the United States, and attests to the relevance of the institutions and legal framework that our authorities have developed to successfully address the many different issues of our bilateral agenda.” Consul General Prado also expressed the gratitude of the government and the people of Mexico to the six HSI offices involved in recovering the artifacts, “for their support to ensure the restitution of these archaeological pieces, which are part of the cultural heritage and the historical memory of the people of Mexico.”

The collection of items returned includes:

  - Pre-Columbian metates, manos;
  - Multiple pre-Columbian statues;
  - An Aztec-era whistle;
  - Copper hatchets;
  - Pre-Columbian pottery;
  - A clay anthropomorphic statue;
  - A Chinesco Nayarit figurine; and
  - About 4,000 other archeological objects of assorted pre-Columbian artifacts.

Of the objects returned Oct. 25, three pre-Columbian statues were discovered during a CBP agricultural inspection of an individual who arrived on a bus at the Lincoln-Juarez Bridge Port of Entry. Another pre-Columbian undeclared clay statue was discovered hidden in the luggage area of a person’s vehicle entering the Del Rio (Texas) Port of Entry from Mexico. A fifth pre-Columbian statuette was also discovered along with an Aztec Eagle whistle concealed in the dashboard of another person’s vehicle entering the Del Rio Port of Entry. An undeclared pre-Columbian metate – grinding stone – was discovered in the vehicle of two individuals entering the United States from Mexico at Naco, Ariz. Also discovered at the Naco Port of Entry, was another metate with four manos – a stone used as the upper millstone for grinding foods – lying in the bed of a person’s truck, who said he stayed at his grandfather’s ranch during his visit to Mexico and was bringing back clothes and tools.

Two copper hatchet artifacts were discovered in cargo received at San Diego International Airport via Sweden. While screening express mail at the Chicago Port of Entry, a CBP officer intercepted a parcel for inspection containing a falsely declared clay anthropomorphic statue dating to the early first millennium A.D. CBP officers, assigned to the Chicago Port of Entry, also discovered a shipment containing a Chinesco Nayarit figurine exported from the United States.

In a June 2009 undercover operation, HSI special agents in Alpine recovered from an individual in Fort Stockton, Texas, 200 Mexican artifacts alleged to have been smuggled into the United States after being stolen in July 2008 from a private collection and museum in Cuatro Cienegas, Coahuila, Mexico. Later in November 2009, Texas Department of Public Safety troopers assisting HSI special agents stopped the same individual in a vehicle for a traffic violation and observed artifacts in the vehicle that the driver admitted were undeclared when he entered the United States at the Presidio (Texas) Port of Entry.

After HSI special agents seized the artifacts, they opened a second investigation associated with the seizure of more than 4,000 artifacts including arrowheads, bows, rabbit sticks, axes, spears, tomahawks, statuettes, sandals and beads, all relating to the same conspiracy.

HSI special agents seized 26 pieces of pottery greater than 1,500 years-old following an investigation in Kalispell, Mont., regarding a consignor who had paid members of the Tarahumara tribe to loot artifacts from burial caves in the Copper Canyon area of Chihuahua, Mexico, so he could consign them in a local art gallery.

HSI’s investigation determined that the objects were removed from Mexico in violation of Mexican law and brought into the United States in violation of U.S. laws and regulations. A U.S.-Mexico treaty of cooperation regarding the recovery and return of stolen archaeological, historical and cultural properties, which was negotiated by the U.S. Department of State and enacted in 1970, restricts the importation of pre-Columbian artifacts and colonial-era religious objects into the United States without proper export documents.

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TRAGEDY: Dominican Nanny Believed to Have Killed CNBC Exec’s Children

TRAGEDY: Dominican Nanny Believed to Have Killed CNBC Exec’s Children

Photo: TRAGEDY: Dominican Nanny Believed to Have Killed CNBC Exec's Children

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

A family is in shock over the tragic murder of two children at the hands of their own nanny.

The Vice President of CNBC Digital, Kevin Krim, and his wife, Marina Krim, are mourning the loss of two of their three children after Mrs. Krim returned home to find Lulu, 6, and Leo, 2, dead in a bathroom at their Manhattan home.

Mrs. Krim had been out with their other child, 3-year-old Nessie, leaving Leo and Lulu with the family nanny, 50-year-old Yoselyn Ortega.

The Dominican nanny was regarded as part of the Krim family. In fact, earlier this year, the Krims traveled to the Dominican Republic on vacation and stayed with members of Ortega’s family for nine days. In her online journal, which she called “Life with the Krim Kids,” Mrs. Krim posted photos of the Dominican trip, saying, “It was wonderful. And we met Josie’s amazing family! The Dominican Republic is a wonderful country!”

ImageOn Thursday, upon Mrs. Krim and Nessie’s return, neighbors say they heard the blood-curdling screams of the mother as she found her children dead from apparent stab wounds believed to have been inflicted by Ortega.

Ortega was supposed to bring the two children to meet Mrs. Krim and Nessie for swimming lessons. Police say the home was dark and there was no sign of Ortega or the children so the mother went downstairs to ask the doorman if he had seen the nanny or the children. After being told they had not been seen leaving, Mrs. Krim went back upstairs to their apartment. That it when she made the gruesome discovery.

Ortega was also found in the bathroom, having allegedly slit her own wrists and throat. Mrs. Krim reportedly tried to stop the bleeding from Ortega’s neck and began screaming for help.

Some reports stated the children were still breathing when paramedics arrived but were later pronounced dead at the hospital.

Ortega was unresponsive when taken to the New York-Cornell Hospital, and as of Friday morning, she was in critical but stable condition.

The horrified mother was taken, along with her now only daughter, to St. Luke’s hospital . Mrs. Krim was sedated and Mr. Krim, who was on a business trip at the time, returned to New York where police informed him of the tragedy. He was taken to the hospital to be with his family.

ImageIn March, Kevin Krim, a Harvard graduate, was named the general manager of the CNBC digital media division, CNBC Digital.

Ortega had been with the family for about one year, having been hired after an extensive search by the Krim family after the birth of Leo.

Police have still not presented a motive for the murder and attempted suicide, but have stated it appears Ortega may have also taken pills at some point Thursday. So far, no charges have been filed against Ortega.

On Friday, Comcast CEO Brian L. Roberts expressed his and the company’s support for the Krim family, saying, “I just want to say on behalf of all of us at CNBC and Comcast and NBCUniversal and many others around the nation how touched and sad we are by this unspeakable act, and that we’ll do everything we can to support the family in their awful time…We’ll go back to our jobs but have them in our thoughts and prayers.”

In an official statement from Comcast and NBCUniversal:

A member of the CNBC family has suffered an unimaginable loss. The sadness that we all feel for Kevin, Marina and their family is without measure.

Our thoughts, prayers and unwavering support are with them all.

—Brian L. Roberts, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Comcast Corporation
Stephen B. Burke, Chief Executive Officer, NBCUniversal
Mark Hoffman, Chief Executive Officer and President, CNBC

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UPDATE: Migrant Boat from Morocco to Spain Sinks, 14 Dead and 4 Missing

UPDATE: Migrant Boat from Morocco to Spain Sinks, 14 Dead and 4 Missing

Photo: Immigrants Die off Spanish Waters (Juan Carlos Soler)

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

The flimsy craft that went down in Mediterranean waters en route from Morocco to Spain was carrying 35 migrants, not the 71 mentioned by one of the survivors, the Moroccan Human Rights Association said Thursday.

Spanish and Moroccan teams pulled 14 bodies out of the water and rescued 17 other people, Spain’s Maritime Rescue service said earlier.

One of the survivors said 71 people were aboard the boat when it left Morocco.

Ammari Hasan, the representative of the human rights association in the northeastern town of Uxda, told Efe that the figure of 35 passengers had been confirmed by several different sources.

If that number is correct, it would leave four of the sub-Saharan migrants aboard the craft unaccounted for.

The Moroccan government has made no mention of the accident, while the official MAP news agency has reported only that one African migrant was rescued at sea and brought to a hospital in Alhucemas in grave condition.

Authorities from both countries began searching for the boat on Wednesday after a tip from someone who feared for the safety of a family member aboard the craft, Spanish officials told Efe.

The boat was located by a Maritime Rescue surveillance plane, which lowered a raft to pick up some of those in the water and summoned vessels from both Spain and Morocco to aid in rescue and recovery efforts.

The Maritime Rescue plane remained in the area to search for additional survivors or victims.

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Argentina Supermarket Collapse Results in 5 Deaths and 11 Injured

Argentina Supermarket Collapse Results in 5 Deaths and 11 Injured

Photo: Cooperative Obrera in Neuquen, Argentina Collapses

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

Five people died and 11 are missing after the roof of a supermarket in the southwestern Argentine city of Neuquen caved in, officials said Friday.

Another 18 people were injured and taken to different health clinics, six of whom remain hospitalized, the city’s coordination secretary, Marcelo Bermudez, told TN television.

“Police and firefighters, who are the people authorized to go in, confirmed five people dead, one of them apparently a minor,” Bermudez said.

The roof cave-in at the Cooperativa Obrera supermarket in Neuquen, located 1,153 kilometers (715 miles) southwest of Buenos Aires, occurred Thursday night for reasons currently under investigation.

“The bodies are being recovered and began being taken out at midnight in a very complex task. They’re working under slabs, which makes the process more difficult,” Bermudez said.

Cooperativa Obrera, meanwhile, said in a statement that the causes of the collapse are unknown and that its priority is to “accompany and ensure adequate assistance to those affected.”

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Spain, The Philippines Sign Agreement to Promote Spanish in Filipino Classrooms

The governments of Spain and the Philippines signed an accord to foster the reintroduction of Spanish in the Asian nation, officials said here Thursday.

Both sides also agreed to continue the initiative to offer Spanish as a second language in Filipino high schools, Spain’s foreign ministry said in a statement.

The memorandum of understanding emerged from this week’s visit to Manila by Spain’s deputy foreign minister, Gonzalo de Benito, and the head of Cultural and Scientific Relations at the AECID aid agency, Itziar Taboada.

The Spaniards also signed pacts with Filipino universities to train teachers of Spanish, to promote the teaching of the language of Cervantes in professional schools and encourage exchange between educational institutions in the two countries.

Separately, De Benito conveyed Madrid’s support for the recent peace accord between the Philippine government and Muslim rebels in the region of Mindanao.

De Benito also met with executives of Spanish companies operating in the Philippines and told his hosts that Spain was eager to participate in the ambitious infrastructure programs advanced by the government in Manila.

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Mexico Network Televisa and Broadcaster Univision Announce Mobile Phone, Tablet Novela

Mexico Network Televisa and Broadcaster Univision Announce Mobile Phone, Tablet Novela

Photo: Mexico Network Televisa and Broadcaster Univision Announce Mobile Phone, Tablet Soap Opera

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

Mexico’s No. 1 TV network Televisa and market-leading U.S. Spanish-language broadcaster Univision on Thursday unveiled a new soap opera especially written and filmed for mobile phone and tablet computer screens.

“We wanted to start producing things that were specifically for these new technologies and new screens,” Emilio Aliaga, deputy director of digital and new media for Televisa, the world’s largest Spanish-language media conglomerate, told Efe.

Televisa has previously placed a lot of content on the Web and produced special Web content associated with a specific product, but “we’d never made an entire soap opera, which is one of our main products,” for Internet users, he said.

The “webnovela” is titled “Te presento a Valentin” (Meet Valentin) and will premiere Monday on the Web sites of both television networks, although the first episode was already broadcast during Thursday’s presentation.

Each of the 15 episodes will last around seven minutes and will be uploaded to the Web on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, although users may later view them at any time.

“Te presento a Valentin” was entirely produced for the Web and written to fit into that brief running time, Aliaga said.

“It’s specifically written for the Web so that the plot hooks ... occur every five minutes, while in a (typical) soap opera the plot hooks happen every 45 minutes or at each commercial break,” he said.

Televisa announced in late 2010 the completion of a previously announced $1.2 billion investment in Univision. The deal also included a broadening and extension of the program license agreement between the two broadcasters.

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Iker Casillas, Xavi Hernandez Among Those Honored at Spanish Awards Ceremony

Iker Casillas, Xavi Hernandez Among Those Honored at Spanish Awards Ceremony

Photo: Iker Casillas and Xavi Hernandez

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Humanity and the humanities won the hearts of guests Friday at the presentation ceremony of the Prince of Asturias Prizes, with U.S. philosopher Martha C. Nussbaum and Spanish soccer players Iker Casillas and Xavi Hernandez among the prizewinners.

Spanish architect Rafael Moneo won the Arts award, U.S. pathologist Richard Lerner and British biologist Greg Winter shared Research, while Japanese videogame designer Shigeru Miyamoto took the prize for Communications and the Humanities.

The American writer Philip Roth, the pick of the Literature category, was unable to attend the ceremony because he is recovering from an operation.

The Red Cross and Red Crescent received the award for International Cooperation and the Spanish Food Banks Federation won for Concordance.

The awards ceremony was held as always at the Campoamor Theater in Oviedo and was presided over by Prince Felipe of Asturias and his wife, Princess Letizia.

From the royal box, Queen Sofia of Spain followed the ceremony and the prizewinners’ speeches.

As the ceremony ended, Crown Prince Felipe gave a speech full of references to the consequences of Spain’s economic crisis, to “the sacrifices that so many Spaniards are making” and the need for politicians to tackle “the huge task of finding an answer to the grave problems we’re going through.”

“These are extraordinarily complex and difficult times,” the prince said, adding that “this is also a time for looking toward the future with hope and responsibility, times for working together.”

The Asturias prizes, endowed with 50,000 euros ($64,000) each and with a reproduction of a sculpture by Joan Miro, are regarded as the Ibero-American world’s equivalent of the Nobels.

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Boat Carrying 70 Migrants Capsizes En Route to Spain, 14 Drown

Boat Carrying 70 Migrants Capsizes En Route to Spain, 14 Drown

Photo: Mediterranean sea (Juan Carlos Soler)

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At least 14 people died when a boat carrying some 70 undocumented migrants capsized in the Mediterranean after setting off from Morocco bound for Spain, authorities said Thursday.

Seventeen people were pulled from the water alive off the coast of Alhucemas, Morocco, Spain’s Maritime Rescue service said, adding that some of the survivors were in need of “urgent medical assistance.”

Maritime Rescue took the survivors to Alhucemas.

One of the survivors said 71 people were aboard the flimsy craft when it left Morocco, Spanish officials told Efe.

Authorities from both countries began searching for the boat on Wednesday after a tip from someone who feared for the safety of a family member aboard the craft.

The boat was located by a Maritime Rescue surveillance plane, which lowered a raft to pick up some of those in the water and summoned vessels from both Spain and Morocco to aid in rescue and recovery efforts.

The Maritime Rescue remained in the area to search for additional survivors or victims.

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FridayOctober 26, 2012